What’s Your Metabolic Type? Take the Gonzalez Metabolic Type Test

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One of the pillars of the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s nutritional enzyme protocol is the concept that One Diet Does Not Fit All. In fact, The Gonzalez Protocol® utilizes seven basic diets ranging from more vegetarian to more carnivore – and combinations in between of various animal protein, vegetables, and fruits including 99 different diet variations for gluten-free, diabetic and dairy-free. Dr. Gonzalez based a patient’s diet on their metabolic type and had several methods of metabolically typing his patients.

Now for the first time, everyone can figure out what diet is best for them, based on their Gonzalez Metabolic Type.

In his New York City private medical practice, Dr. Gonzalez would ask a series of questions of his patients – different questions for different people – determined by what he already knew about their medical history.  Dr. Gonzalez learned how to metabolically type patients from his mentor, Dr. William Donald Kelley. Originally Dr. Kelley had a 3,600 question self-test in the 1960’s which evolved into Dr. Kelley’s Self-Test for the Different Metabolic Types published for College Health Stores by Kettle Moraine Publishing.

In collaboration with College Health Stores and Kettle Moraine Publishing, we are now pleased to offer The Gonzalez Metabolic Type Test in a digital format. This 96 question self-test auto-calculates all responses and results in assessing one’s Gonzalez Metabolic Type. The self-test costs $100 (U.S. funds) and should take about 30 minutes.

Upon completion, users will receive a beautifully designed, illustrated 18-page Gonzalez Metabolic Type Diet detailing exactly what they should and should not eat for their metabolic type. The Gonzalez Metabolic Type Diet also includes instructions on how to properly prepare food plus a handy one-page shopping list.

For more information on Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, and his work with digestive enzymes for treatment of cancer, visit:

In Memorium: The Life and Times of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Alternative Medicine Takes on Cancer – and Wins

Digestive Enzymes and the Treatment of Cancer

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