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Hospital Study Shows that Covid-19 Can be Prevented with Hydrogen Peroxide

Editorial by Albert G.B. Amoah, MD, PhD; Seth Ayettey, MD, PhD; Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD; and Richard Z. Cheng,… Read More

4 days ago

Improving Fertility and Conception with Acupuncture, Diet, and Lifestyle Changes

(Originally published July 2018; updated June 2022) One of the most remarkable functions of the human body is its ability… Read More

5 days ago

Podcast: Managing Seizures and Other Brain Disorders Naturally

Conventional allopathic medicine has a very poor track record for treating chronic illness, especially brain-related illnesses. I remember a hospital… Read More

1 week ago

Ask the Doctor: Is the Shingles Vaccine Safe? Are there Viable Alternatives?

(Originally published November 2018; updated June 2022) Dear Dr. Rona, When I recently visited my doctor, he recommended that I… Read More

1 week ago

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Develops Groundbreaking Treatment Protocol for Post-Vaccine Syndrome

  Using the latest research, a team of leading physicians, scientists and clinicians have developed an effective treatment protocol that… Read More

3 weeks ago

My Top 10 Superfoods: Fresh Summer Recipes to Supercharge Your Diet

While many organic and natural foods could be considered superfoods, it is handy to have a short list of must-have… Read More

1 month ago

The Role Of Spirituality in Health – Illness as a Message from the Soul

Society is finally realizing that there is more to us than just our bodies. Indeed, it’s our thoughts and attitudes… Read More

1 month ago

Ask the Doctor: Natural Alternatives to Cholesterol Drugs and Bone Density Medications; Benefits of Vitamin D

Dear Dr. Rona: I read your article in Vitality about cholesterol lowering drugs. I then showed my family doctor the… Read More

1 month ago

Help for Covid-19 Long Haulers: Dr. Bens’ Cellular Repair Program

(Updated March 15, 2022) In June of 2020, two super-athletes who know of my work contacted me to say that… Read More

2 months ago

Medical Marijuana Decreases the Need for Prescription Medication

(Updated May 10, 2022) In July 2016, CBC News reported on a study done by The University of Georgia indicating… Read More

2 months ago

Creating a Healthy Home: Reducing Dirty Electricity and EMF Radiation

(Updated May 10, 2022) “She’ll redecorate your home from the cellar to the dome and then go on to the… Read More

2 months ago

Health Archives: Vitamins Reduce Risk of ASD; Zinc Inhibits Cancer; Cholesterol Drugs Boost Diabetes Risk

(Originally published December 2017; Updated May 1st, 2022) Multivitamin Use During Pregnancy Linked to Lower Risk of Autism A study… Read More

2 months ago

My Top 8 Ways to Keep Well – In the Pandemic and Beyond

As our healthcare system is stretched to the limit during these turbulent times, it is vital that we as individuals… Read More

2 months ago

Health News: Blueberry for Dementia; Taurine Reverses AMD; New Protocol Aids Recovery of Vaccine-Injured Patients; Zinc Lowers Glucose

Blueberry Supplementation in Midlife for Dementia Risk Reduction Late-life dementia typically develops over a period of many years beginning in… Read More

2 months ago

Xenoestrogens – Hormone Disrupting Compounds Linked to Cancer

Xenoestrogens are a group of environmental chemicals which mimic estrogen in the body. Excessive estrogen levels, either natural or synthetic,… Read More

2 months ago

Sweet Dreams: My Top Ten Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Spring is here, and with it comes seasonal setbacks that can cause problems with sleep.  Can’t fall asleep? Or, is… Read More

3 months ago

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