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Woodford Files: On the Good and Bad Pandemic Outcomes for Citizens, Pilots, Doctors, and more…

It’s been three months since we released our spring issue, and a lot has happened since then. Notably, the pandemic… Read More

6 days ago

Vitamin C for Asthma and Allergies

On the high-dose protocol of Robert F. Cathcart III, MD by Andrew W. Saul, Editor One day, my next door… Read More

7 days ago

My Pandemic Story: First Do No Harm

On April 18, 2023, the National Post published an article about two physicians in Ontario who had given up their… Read More

2 weeks ago

Recovery From Autism – A Success Story: Using Detoxification and Nutrition

As a conventional family doctor, I had many times felt helpless when attempting to assist patients with chronic illness. To… Read More

3 weeks ago

A Tribute to Professor Heinrich Schmutterer (1926 – 2022)

It was with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of Professor Dr Heinrich Schmutterer on December21, 2022, at… Read More

4 weeks ago

Top Survival Tips for 5 Common Summer Hazards

Summer is almost here and so is the urge to throw caution to the wind now that we no longer… Read More

1 month ago

The Chinese Medicine Approach to Adrenal Gland Exhaustion

The adrenal glands are located at the top of each kidney. In describing the  function of these glands, physiologist Mr.… Read More

1 month ago

Community News: Waldorf School Open House; Healthy Shopping at Karma Co-op

Rudolf Steiner College of Canada Hosts Open House in May Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto was founded in 1981 inspired by… Read More

1 month ago

Book feature – Plant Powered Protein: Nutrition Essentials and Dietary Guidelines for All Ages

by Brenda Davis, RD; Vesanto Melina, MS, RD; Cory Davis, MBA, P.Ag Publisher: Healthy Living Publications; March 28, 2023 In… Read More

1 month ago

Flower Power for Pets – Bach Flower Remedies Can Heal Cats and Dogs

During a recent conversation, Georgina gleefully read me an email she had received from her neighbour who had taken his… Read More

2 months ago

Non-Toxic Tips for Flea Season

Such a little thing really – a flea. But when we find them among us, a common reaction is to… Read More

2 months ago

Sauna Detoxification for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

The chemicals and toxic metals we use in the environment eventually make their way back into our bodies. Each of… Read More

2 months ago

Resolving Spike Protein Syndrome – Clearing the Spike from Blood and Cells

BY THOMAS E. LEVY, MD, JD As the acute cases of COVID have continued to decline, the prevalence of the… Read More

3 months ago

Preventing Blood Clots: Top 10 Blood-Thinning Herbs, Foods, and Supplements

Blood clots are very much in the news these days but the mainstream media has not carried any information about… Read More

3 months ago

DIY Healthcare: Top 6 Natural Remedies for Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, and More

Thanks to the fear created by the pandemic, fewer and fewer people are visiting doctors’ offices. In fact, many doctors… Read More

3 months ago

My Journey Out of a Grim Diagnosis – Colon Cancer and Liver Cancer

by Kenneth F. Hack, D.C. I am a male 65 year old healthcare professional who was diagnosed with stage four… Read More

3 months ago

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