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THE ANDREA OLIVERA CENTRE FOR AYURVEDA RITUALS offers courses in Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Spa Specialist programs, services, Ayurveda Facial, Ayurveda Botanical Skincare & Vedic Astrology Readings. Contact: (416) 504-6049, or visit

THE CREATING SACRED SPACE PRACTICES. Coaching Healing Sessions solving Emotional, Relationship & Health issues in your personal, career, and home environments., (416)707-4896.

COMBINED PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL HEALING using regression and individualized vibrational remedies. 30 years’ medical intuition. Kathy Walker: (416) 285-8759,

MARLENE GEORGE. Healing Through Breathing workshops & private sessions., (905) 796-0101.

COLON HYDROTHERAPY offered at Hockley Valley Naturopathic & Chiropractic Clinic, near Orangeville. Call Elinko at (519) 941-7553 or 1 800 397-3085.

COLON THERAPIES – Toronto East – Since 2009. VITALIFE CLINIC, Beaches area. Spa setting. Quiet, private, effective. / (416) 849-0004.

ANARRES APOTHECARY School, Storefront & Mail-Order Resource. Workshops: Intro, certificate, Aromatherapy Certification & Apprenticeships. Handmade body care. Natural contraception & sex tools. Eco Gifts. Terracotta water purifiers & cookers. Herbs & essential oils. DIY supplies. Zero-waste housewares. Send email to:, or call (647) 827-6968.

CORE BELIEF ENGINEERING. We repeat what we don t resolve. Lisa Sidorowicz, MA, B.Ed., CBE Master Practitioner & Trainer. (905) 510-7562, (905) 842-3305,,

FEELING FRUSTRATED? ANGRY? SAD? Want your life to turn around a.s.a.p.? Start enjoying happier relationships, making new decisions with confidence, & creating a secure future in a surprisingly short period of time. Attend an introductory workshop or book a private session. Call (416) 469-2033,

THETA HEALING: While in a healing brainwave pattern, upgrade your DNA, create receptors for new beliefs and experiences & change your life. Contact Joanna:

BECOME A CERTIFIED CLINICAL HYPNOTIST (on-line training). For more info, please go to: or call (514) 574-1960.

THE FOUNDATION FOR SHAMANIC STUDIES is now offering a new online workshop: The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge and Power. The shamanic journey is a remarkable visionary method for entering other realities with discipline and purpose. This experiential 7-hour online training of two half-days uses ZOOM Teleconferencing. Advanced online workshops have also been developed. Check out or contact Glenn Campbell at (905) 655-6756 or

DRUM EVERY DAY: Personalized lessons in drums, percussion, ukulele and piano with an emphasis on creativity and expression with a strong musical foundation. Online or in-person lessons, all ages/skill levels. +1 (416) 300-5329

TEACHER STRESS & BURNOUT: Workshops and healing sessions for K-12 teachers. Burnout isn’t part of your job description. Contact Joanna:

The most unique and comprehensive 100 hours certification course in association with Canadian Yoga Alliance. Teaching the art and science of meditation. On weekends. Starts Saturday, April 17. Info and registration: Jivasu (905) 818-9150,,

KUNDALINI & CHAKRA TRAINING PROGRAM – ONLINE. Awakening life s energy for healing and transformation. On weekends. Starts Saturday, April 24. Info and registration: Jivasu (905) 818-9150,,

Freedom from fear, guilt and sufferings. On weekends. Starts Saturday, April 10. Info and registration: Jivasu (905) 818-9150,,

EVENING WORKSHOPS ON WEEKDAYS – ONLINE – 7:30pm – 9pm Discovering the power of dreams and subconscious. Knowing our personality for a healthy life. Healing childhood trauma. Emotionally intelligent, mentally wise. Secret of loving relationships. Understanding death to live fully. Ageing a time for adventure and fulfilment. Sacred chants and music for healing and spirituality info and registration: Jivasu (905) 818-9150,,

MAKE YOUR OWN DRUM: Ongoing workshops held in Guelph, Ont. Frame drums, Djembe, African Talking Drums, Ocean Drums, more. We also travel to Your location! Info:,, (548) 988-9150.

MARLENE GEORGE. Craniosacral Therapy. Private appointments., (905) 796-0101.

CRANIOSACRAL: Gentle yet powerful healing. In practice 26 years. Holistic therapies include: Registered Nutrition, Massage, Aromatherapy, reflexology, Reiki, Osteopathic Techniques, Esalen Massage, Living raw Food lifestyle expert. Certified by; Hippocrates & Esalen Institutes, Matthew Kennedy Academy & Young Living Essential Oils. Fabienne Thuet (416) 558-7441.


BICOM BIORESONANCE: German frequency healing technology for burnout, stress, EMF, Lyme and Mold toxicity and 100s of other symptoms & conditions. Painless. Effective. No side-effects. Jozef Krop


VIRGINIA HART NELSON. Turn your experiences & conditioning into powerful catalysts for healing & change. (416) 960-1690,, see ad in Vitality magazine on pg. ***.

REMEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS from other lifetimes, transform old habit patterns & liberate your purpose. Virginia Hart Nelson: (416) 960-1690, See ad in Vitality magazine on pg. ***.

JACKIE LEWIS, PSYCHIC ARTIST, Clairvoyant, Tarot Cards, Accurate, informative readings by phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, contact:, (647) 347-5373.,

MARGOT PSYCHIC SERVICES. Professional, accurate, insightful readings by renowned psychic medium. Reading by phone or in person, contact: (416) 921-0611,

HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY. The most powerful work. Integrating Psychotherapy with body/energy-centred modalities. Registered Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor with Master’s Degree & Board Certified Polarity Practitioner. Over 25 years’ experience. See ad in Vitality magazine on pg. ***. Visit, Victoria: (416) 916-6066.

PAM RUSSELL. Pain and stress relief from head to toe. Dupont and Spadina. House calls. Feet, hands & ears. Plus Thai foot reflexology, (416) 856-6589,

MARLENE GEORGE. Reiki. Recognized Master Teacher by the CRA Ontario. Over 30 years’ experience. Certificate, Attunement manual. All levels. Practice groups and private sessions., (905) 796-0101.

REIKI, EMOTION CODE, Healing Codes, Theta Healing, & Psychotherapy. Effie Hadzis B.A., B.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist. (416) 751-9619,

VIRGINIA HART NELSON. Private treatments, and Certification all Levels. 28 years’ experience. (416) 960-1690,, email: See ad in Vitality magazine on pg. ***.


EVOLVE: April 29 – May 2. The Art of Transformational Leadership and Facilitation. Explore and embrace what it is to lead authentically and realize our collective potential. Evolve introduces coaches, leaders, teachers, and facilitators of all types and modalities to a toolbox of foundational soft skills to help you deepen your leadership ability. or 1- 888- 383-8320.

FIRE & ICE: A Late Winter Getaway March 12 – 14. Slow down to the quiet pace of winter in Algonquin Park, nourishing yourself in a magical winter wonderland through shared snowshoeing, cross-country skiing adventures, heart-warming meals, cozy accommodation for 2, and warming up by a campfire beneath a festival of stars. 1-888-383-8320

HEART FLOW RETREAT: May 6 – 9. Flowing with renewed life, embrace your child-like innocence as you nurture and grow the seeds of new dreams. Connect authentically with your inner light & nature in this Heart Foundations retreat. or 1- 888-383 – 8320.

HIDDEN BUDDHA HEALING CENTER: Retreats, Rentals, Bed & Breakfast, Reiki, Macrobiotics, Health Coaching. Contact Lidia: (416) 912-1721,

THE HABIT RESET: April 8 – 11. An immersive retreat for individuals seeking wellbeing, transformation, and wishing for a reset. In a nourishing & supportive community environment, we’ll be creating personal core habits and supportive routines to support personal transformation & wellbeing. or 1 -888-383-8320.

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH© PRACTITIONER, Marlene George, visit:, call (905) 796-0101.

SUNLILYOGA – A Kripalu Yoga Programme in Richmond Hill and Thornhill. Yoga classes, Yoga Therapy, Retreats and 200- & 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training:, (905) 770-9210.

YOGA PRANAYAM CENTRE. Beginner and intermediate Kripalu yoga – easy, effective, wholesome. 348 Danforth Ave., the Carrot Common, Chester subway. Call (416) 691-7337.

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