Getaway Guide 2020: A Directory of Healthy Vacation Destinations



Stirling, Ont.


This is the Fountain of Youth. Nonpareil specializes in raw organic juice fasting, boosting your immune system, cleansing, cellular detoxification, healthy weight loss for life, and yoga. For special birthday weekends with your friends, we provide Nonpareil’s raw organic vegetable and berry cake. Get away to this 173-acre country estate. Indulge in the simple pleasures of country life while being cared for and nourished. Awaken your inner power; meditate and practice yoga in our sanctuary/ amphitheatre.

Experience the detoxification benefits of our medical-grade infrared sauna. Recharge and revitalize your energy with raw organic juices and power drinks, rest and relaxation, yoga, full-body massage, reflexology, nutritional consultations, reiki, emotional energy balancing, and long walks through acres of beautiful maple forest.

Swim in the Crowe River and relax under invigorating waterfalls. Rest in hammocks and enjoy quiet evenings under the stars.

This is a powerful program and permanent makeover from the inside out. It will inspire you to live your healthiest life. Gift certificates available.

Nonpareil is located only 2 hours and 15 minutes east of Toronto. For more information: call (613) 395-6332. Write: RR#3, 658 Wellmans Rd., Stirling, Ont. Email:; visit them online


Midland, Ont.


Escape the city and nurture yourself at Sugar Ridge! A natural experience awaits you just 90 minutes north of Toronto; near Midland, but a world away. Nourish your body with organic plant-based meals, yoga, forest walks and breathing fresh country air. Nourish your soul with meditation, soothing sounds of nature, and star gazing. Kick back on the patio and watch the wildlife, smell the flowers! Sleep deeply in a private cabin with stress-free peace and quiet, comfy beds and snuggly duvets.

Create your own personal getaway, or join a group retreat and make new friends. This eco-friendly retreat centre offers a full year of retreats and workshops to nourish body, mind, and soul. Deepen your yoga or meditation practice, be in silence or bring your drum! Cleanse with a juice retreat. Get your book written, knit a scarf, paint a masterpiece, be silent, or share your stories.

The 4,200-square-foot facility is available for groups of up to 40 people overnight. This four-seasons retreat offers peace and tranquility spread over 150 acres of majestic forests, hills, and meadows. The nearest neighbour is 3,000 acres of protected provincial land (Wye Valley) with 25 km of trails to explore nature all year round – hike, ski or bike!

Owners Liz and Kurt Frost are yoga teachers and psychotherapists, who offer retreats you can join, corporate mindfulness programs, or individual getaways. Feel the love in all that we offer.

Contact Sugar Ridge at; toll free 1-866-609-1793 (Canada) or visit



Algonquin Park, Ont.


A leader in transformational travel, Northern Edge Algonquin hosts private, all-inclusive luxury nature retreats for small groups of 10 to 35. Join us to unplug in nature for multi-day experiences that reconnect, recharge, and re-inspire.

Our guests sleep comfortably in high quality eco-cabins designed in harmony with our forest home. Nourish yourself with organic and locally-sourced foods crafted with care, and participate in tailored experiences with local storytellers, artists, musicians, naturalists, yoga and/or wellness facilitators, food growers, and chefs.

A welcoming sanctuary and Ontario’s first solar-powered nature retreat, the Edge is located on a quiet lake at the NW corner of Algonquin Park (less than three hours from Toronto). Tailored retreat programs are available for groups of all types, and we work with all kinds of facilitators and workshop leaders looking to plan their next successful retreat.

Retreat participants enjoy guided hiking, paddleboarding, and canoeing; also facilitated yoga and wellness classes, and workshops on everything from microgreens to drum making. Or guests can rise early to paddle a misty river in search of moose and other wildlife. Visitors can also relax in our sauna before jumping in the lake. At night, we share stories and music in a cosy fire circle under a festival of stars.

For more information visit or call 1-888-383-8320. The Edge is also home to the Way of the Circle Centre, whose Heart Foundations retreats can be found at NorthernEdge


Toledo, Ont.


This is a quaint retreat nestled in the beautiful countryside of Rideau Lakes, between Kingston and Ottawa. Located on a 76-acre property beside Bellamy Lake, the retreat centre is a place for guests to rest and rejuvenate in an authentic Canadian cordwood house and enjoy the subtle, healing energy emanating from the land, a feeling of ancient wisdom, sacred power, and wholeness.

The retreat’s founding principle is the Honouring of Life. Lidia Kuleshnyk, a Health Potential Coach, has brought together her love of nature, horses and animals with 23 years of experience supporting clients in achieving their health potential, specializing in resolving chronic health conditions and overcoming personal challenges. All this takes place within a sanctuary that assists in uncovering and shining forth that sacred gem that glows within each guest – their Hidden Buddha.

The Center offers private and group retreats, rental space for retreat leaders, cottage rental, and bed and breakfast options, plus one-on-one programs in reiki, macrobiotics, and holistic coaching. Equine Healing Retreats, both private and group, are available for you to experience the beautiful heart energy and soul connection of horses.

Guests enjoy nature trails, biking, hiking, camping, canoeing and cruises on the Rideau Canal, or a cruise on the St. Lawrence River.

You are invited to experience this land of high vibration, beautiful sunsets, and midnight wonders, where one can feel more alive, more connected, more conscious.

For information, call (416) 912-1721 or (613) 275-2768; email:; visit:


Tamworth, Ont.


Since 1986, we have been offering restorative retreat experiences filled with misty lake sunrises, still waters, and spectacular sunsets. At Maple Ki Forest, we also offer nourishing meals, soothing ambiance, cosy bedrooms, replenishing rest, and kindred spirits. Secluded and quiet, our retreat-haven features a breathtaking expansive view of our motor-free lake, a river with rapids, and the surrounding forest. Privacy and tranquil beauty await your enjoyment.

We provide excellent swimming in our silky soft, clean lake; canoes, kayaks, and woodland walking trails to explore nature’s beauty; and lounges for reading, birdwatching, star gazing, and napping; a yoga class each morning, and three meals per day.

We specialize in plant-based cuisine created with care. Meals are delicious, satisfying, colourful, nutritious, and a feast for the senses. We also offer shiatsu massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, facials, and infrared sauna.

This is a sanctuary for replenishing the body, centering the mind, healing the heart, and uplifting the spirit. We welcome facilitators conducting their own group programs, as well as individuals retreating solo or with family and friends, and offer a group rate for 8 to 10 people.

Maple Ki is located midway between Toronto and Ottawa, north of Kingston. Contact the proprietors at (613) 379-2227 or email, visit



Wilkesport, Ont.


Welcome to a private retreat experience customized just for you, or you and a friend. Sink deeply into a process of renewal, reconnection, and healing. We offer one guest cabin on 50 acres of wooded land that sings with the crystals planted around the property in geometric patterns.

Enjoy organic sheets and fluoride-filtered water in your cabin, with organic gardens in your backyard. Relax and regenerate in our Finnish sauna, and cool off in the outdoor shower. Prepare your own meals in the cabin kitchen or ask about our gourmet vegan meal options.

We have 5 km of secluded walking trails, and clothing is optional. It is a beautiful experience to walk in the woods with your body open to Nature’s soft embrace, allowing sunlight to touch every part of you.

Many people come to Crystal Woods to have sessions with Kathleen; these are powerfully transformative – combining bodywork with energy work, psychic work, and sound healing, with an emphasis on activating your Ascension path. It’s beyond anything you may have experienced before.

Your retreat can involve languid days to yourself, making your own meals, walking the trails, and enjoying your Soul’s flow… or having treatments, saunas, meditation and Qi Gong sessions, along with vegan meals and guidance around nutrition. You decide – it’s your Sacred Space, your Soul’s Journey. From our Hearts, we are grateful for the chance to support you. Open from May until October.

Located 3 hours SW of Toronto, 70 min. from London. For more information, email: Call (519) 312-4195, or visit


Cozumel, Mexico


Dance your heart out in a series of nine moving meditation workshops in the Chakradance™ Freedom Cycle, July 7 – 10, 2020, offered by author and licensed facilitator Pollyanna Blanco.

Enjoy four days and three nights in Cozumel (or stay for a week), on this magical Mexican-Caribbean island steeped in rich history, ancient wonders, beautiful flora/fauna, and a warm, vibrant culture. Enjoy fresh, healthy, local cuisine with vegan and vegetarian options. Hotel B is a tranquil oceanfront boutique hotel dedicated to wellness and creativity, offering yoga classes, holistic spa services, bicycles, cabana beds, and artisan crafts.

Chakradance™ is a dance therapy practice that gently opens your chakra centres as you move with eyes closed to sound healing music and guided visualization. Just surrender to the music and trust your body to guide you. Return to who you truly are as this uplifting process harmonizes, rebalances, and tunes up your energy.

Give back to Gaia with your soul sisters as Mayan Ceremonial Leader Adrian Salas Xopan leads an ocean blessing to the island’s creativity goddess IxChel. An active member in the Mayan Nation, Adrian was initiated by the Tlahuica Grandparents into the spiritual ceremonies. As Deputy Director of Muuchxiimbal Maya Cere-monial Center for over 15 years, he has created a self-sustaining community project, preserving Mesoamerican customs and practices. Participants can give back to the local school children on the island by donating backpacks to the Chrysalis program.

Pollyanna has 22 years as an OCTE educator. A Samhara™ Energy Medicine practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association, and a Holistic Practitioner with the City of Toronto, she has been hosting Chakradance™ workshops for five years.

Return home renewed, feeling the inspired ripples!

More information, email: or visit:, and also Call (416) 960-1393, ext. 11.

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