HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES Boost Energy and Stamina in Winter

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Many of us feel fatigue and a lack of energy in the winter. So why are we more tired in this season? And above all, how can we fix it? Let us tell you everything in this article!

There are two main reasons for this lack of energy: 1) the absence of sun, and 2) the spread of viruses. Indeed, exposure to the sun is essential for our bodies, we need it to make vitamin D. When we experience a lack of vitamin D it results in fatigue and can even lead to depression caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder. Moreover, many viruses can multiply and spread quickly in winter. Influenza, colds, gastroenteritis … these winter ailments aggravate our lack of energy. Also, because the temperature is often very cold, your body must spend a lot of energy to compensate. Add the psychological fatigue related to cloudy grey days, or short days, and you get an explosive cocktail that explains this seasonal lack of energy!

Homeocan Has Created Remedies for These Winter Ailments

The good news is that Mother Nature has provided remedies with wonderful virtues, to help us get back into shape and make this seasonal lack of energy a thing of the past! These include:

– Aloe Vera: which stimulates our immune defenses

– Ginseng: which energizes

– Kola nut: which improves our vigilance

– Spirulina: which supplies iron, proteins, and carotenoids

All of the above are nutrients essential for helping us feel fit, especially in winter. To enjoy the benefits of these ingredients, naturally and without side effects, try Maxiforce, a cocktail of energy in the form of ampoules, which are easy to integrate into your daily routine.

If your lack of energy is associated with nervous fatigue, agitation and weariness, Homeocan’s Alfalfa Tonic is your best ally for winter. Without caffeine, it works in harmony with the body to increase your resistance and bring you a feeling of well-being.

Finally, if you want to say goodbye to your fatigue while strengthening your immune defenses naturally, choose Magnantyl Plus with Royal Jelly! This natural product will improve your vitality, help maintain good health, and help you resist stress and fatigue.

Good Habits to Help You Keep Fit!

Homeocan’s three homeopathic formulas are great allies to help you improve your energy levels in winter. You can also combine the following good habits to help you feel better:

Eat well: In the winter, choose foods that supply vitamin D and Omega 3, such as cod liver oil, herring, mackerel, sardines, or, more pleasing – dark chocolate! Adopt a varied and balanced diet to avoid deficiencies.

Do sports: To banish fatigue and the possible winter blues, doing sports is key to your well being. If you can’t stand the cold weather try out new indoor activities like yoga, swimming, or squash.

Sleep well: To overcome the lack of energy, sleep at least 7 hours per night!

Enjoy the outdoors: Even if some would rather hibernate under a quilt, it is essential to spend time outside … You will greatly benefit from the sun.

By taking one or all three natural remedies and trying out these good habits, you greatly improve your chances to get back in shape and avoid the lack of energy this winter!

Thirty years ago, pharmacy graduate Michéle Boisvert founded Homeocan. Today, Homeocan is the largest Canadian natural remedies company with a state-of-the-art laboratory based in Montreal. Homeocan’s mission is to produce and distribute natural remedies for the health needs of the whole family, even our four-legged friends with HomeoVet. For more information or to order any of their products, visit: https://homeocan.ca/en/


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