HOMEOVET: Natural Medicine for Our Four-legged Friends

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Our pets deserve quality natural remedies – that’s why Homeocan has created the HomeoVet product line specifically designed for cats and dogs

Our pets are an integral part of our family and deserve effective quality treatments to feel good in their fur! So, to take care of our four-legged friends, Homeocan has launched the HomeoVet range, specifically designed for dogs and cats.

HomeoVet Offers a Variety of Natural Solutions for the Well-being of Animals

Thanks to HomeoVet, you can take care of your cat or dog easily and naturally. The HomeoVet range consists of 14 remedies, all made in Canada and without artificial flavour or colour, no added sugar, and no gluten.

With these 14 homeopathic remedies, you can relieve various symptoms and improve the well-being of your faithful companions, so that they are in great shape every day! From oral health to bone health, healthy fur, and the maintenance of ideal weight, all HomeoVet solutions will quickly the best ally for you and your pets:

Did you know? Because animal well being is of the utmost importance to us, when you buy a HomeoVet product on the Homeocan website, $1 is automatically donated to the SPCA, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Your 3 HomeoVet Essentials!

HomeoVet brings 14 products that are effective and easy to use. Among them, we have selected three, essential for the well-being of your pet every day. We bet you’ll adopt them quickly, and your four-legged friends too!

To soothe stress, ZenVet: If your cat or dog tends to be nervous, ZenVet is the product for you! It will help your pet achieve a good emotional balance and display healthy behavior and a calm attitude.

For quieter trips, Transportvet : every time you drive or fly, it’s the same, your pet becomes anxious and stressed! To remedy this, TransportVet is the solution. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it balances the nervous system your dog or the cat and allows it to travel without fear and without nausea.

For better digestion, GastroVet: to improve the digestive health of your faithful companion, try GastroVet! This product contributes to the health your animal by improving the functioning of the digestive system and reducing flatulence and stool odor.

All products in the HomeoVet range are easy to administer to your pet thanks to their integrated dropper and their lack of flavour.

Natural Tips for Taking Care of Your Animals

In addition to using HomeoVet products, here are some natural tips you can adopt now to make your four-legged friend the happiest of animals!

Brush regularly: Use a brush adapted to the length of the fur of your pet to brush and help him eliminate dead hair and renew his coat.

Massage with floral water: It has been found that lavender floral water has a relaxing action and helps to prevent fleas. It also helps to take care of the coat. Do not hesitate to gently rub the body of your pet with this natural product!

Avoid smoke: Just like humans, animals are victims of passive smoking. If you smoke in an enclosed space where your 4-legged companion is, this smoke can irritate the entire respiratory system (sinus, throat, trachea, bronchi, and lungs). Editor’s note: It has also been found that pets who spend time in smokey environments have a higher rate of ear infections.

Move every day: To prevent obesity in animals, it is essential that get a daily exercise period. Play with him, make him run, jump, climb … In short, make him move so that he keeps fit!

You now know how to help maintain the well-being and health of your furry friend, naturally and effectively. Thanks to HomeoVet, your pet will be in great shape every day.

Thirty years ago, pharmacy graduate Michéle Boisvert founded Homeocan. Today, Homeocan is the largest Canadian natural remedies company with a state-of-the-art laboratory based in Montreal. Homeocan’s mission is to produce and distribute natural remedies for the health needs of the whole family, even our four-legged friends with HomeoVet. For more information or to order any of their products, visit: https://homeocan.ca/en/

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