The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla: Healing Power of Ultraviolet Rays

What would you say if healthcare authorities started to promote ultraviolet light as a cancer treatment, or prescribe regular exposure to sunshine as vital to our survival? The fact is – there is a historical basis for these health therapies. I uncovered it during my 10-year journey to produce a documentary film that explores the lost healing machines of Nikola Tesla. This article is about the remarkable healing power of ultraviolet light.

Our story begins in Egypt, where the hieroglyph for royalty is the honeybee. King Akhenaten (r. 1353 – 1336 BCE), was the ‘heretic pharaoh’ who declared that there was only one God, the winged “Aten” sun disc. Carvings in stone depicted his royal family exposing their semi-nude bodies, and their food and beverages, to the sun. And descending rays held a symbol of the key to life directly in their eyes. After his death, Akhenaten’s sun worship teachings were suppressed by political authorities, but were still shared underground by ancient secret societies that remain today.

On June 6, 1884, a new Serbian immigrant arrived in New York from Budapest. He was the young inventor Nikola Tesla, whose mission was to create clean hydroelectric generators that he had envisioned. In addition to being an inventor, Tesla was also a physicist, visionary, and mechanical and electrical engineer best known for his contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism. (His work formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, including polyphase power distribution systems and the AC motor.)

In 1901, Tesla invented a device that produced ultraviolet light when activated by coils in a “high-frequency apparatus,” a device capable of producing bolts of lightning. It was eventually nicknamed a ‘death ray’ by some who feared its power. A portable medical device based on this apparatus called ‘The Violet Ray’ was eventually offered for sale to the public.

In 1906, Tesla formed the Tesla Ozone Company and patented a machine with a fan that forced air through arcing coils of ultraviolet light. This worked to ozonate the air such that it acquired antiseptic properties which could be used to kill germs. When filtered though olive oil, the ozonated air could be inhaled to treat lung disease. Since this process gave the oil medicinal qualities, it was made available to doctors to treat diseases of the skin. (Ed. note: Currently, some local dentists sell ozonated olive oil for disinfecting the mouth and preventing/treating tooth infection. And some clinics use it for treating illness.) [1][2]

Born on July 10, 1856, Tesla became a vegetarian about halfway through his life, eating mostly ‘fortified’ oatmeal, milk, and honey. His brand of electro-medicine became very popular and was promoted by doctors as a treatment for cancer and other diseases too numerous to mention here.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), known as a ‘sleeping prophet’ and the father of holistic medicine, regularly promoted ozone and the miraculous healing powers of Tesla’s violet ray in his health messages. “The violet ray appliance is a high voltage, low amperage source of static electricity. The appliance derives its name from the violet colour of the electrical discharge that emanates during use. The appliance was recommended in over 900 readings for a variety of problems requiring a stimulation to the nervous and circulatory systems.” (

Healing Powers of Ultraviolet Light

In 1890, a British missionary named Theobald Palm declared that burning coal caused children to suffer from rickets – a disease of the bones. He believed that specific healing fields of solar light were being blocked by air pollution from the smoky coal fires, and this deficiency of sunlight was creating a deficiency of vitamin D needed to build healthy bones.

During his career, Nikola Tesla created neon lights made of gases, phosphors, and glass to allow the various colours of the light spectrum to pass through. He understood that it was the invisible ultraviolet portion that had the most medicinal effect. This UV spectrum was eventually divided into letters according to frequencies in lengths of nano-metres. UVA, or near UV (315–400 nm), UVB, or middle UV (280–315 nm) and UVC, or far UV (180–280 nm).

Since solar ultraviolet light was free (via the sun’s rays), UV-transparent materials called vita-glass became popular for construction of hospitals, spas, and solariums in the 1920s. Entire cities consisting of “health glass” were planned and promoted as being “vital” for the creation of vitamin D to treat rickets and other diseases.

UVA light is what causes the body to tan (and it passes through regular glass). UVB contains the “vital rays” of healing fields, and UVC is filtered from reaching the earth by the natural ozone layer. Tesla understood that by removing the iron in glass, UVB rays could then pass through. Tesla’s artificial UVC light required quartz crystal glass, which could allow all UV light frequencies to pass through.

• UV FOR LIFTING MOOD: When Tesla’s artificial UVB light device was first introduced to the marketplace, consumers from cold, wintry, dark countries of the former Soviet Union, Europe, and North America embraced this light therapy which could direct healing rays toward the body all year round. Eventually, high-tech German factories mastered the manufacture of solarium beds which employed Tesla’s technology, and well-informed customers lined up to acquire them for healing the winter blues.

Cheryl St. James demonstrates the use of the Violet Ray

• UV LIGHT PHOTHERAPY FOR SKIN DISEASES: In 1903, Niels Ryberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize for his invention of UV light therapy for skin tuberculosis (lupus vulgaris). These days, dermatologists worldwide recognize that special frequencies of UV light called Narrowband UVB (NB-UVB 311 nm) can heal skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, and even cancers such as T-cell lymphomas can also be treated with UV light. A positive side effect of UVB phototherapy is the creation of high vitamin D levels in the blood. When skin is exposed to UVB/C light, a type of steroid hormone is created called vitamin D, but in reality it’s not a vitamin at all. This steroid hormone works to regulate our endocrine and immune system, which in turn helps to lift the winter blues.[3]

• UV LIGHT AND OZONE THERAPY FOR VIRAL DISEASE: UVC light can act as a disinfectant to prevent bacteria from causing infections after surgery or in open wounds that fail to heal. Medical ozone machines now contain a quartz crystal cylinder that is exposed to a cold corona discharge of UV. When oxygen is passed over the crystal, it adds a third healing molecule (-O3). When blood is drawn from the body and then exposed directly to UVC light or mixed with ozone, it damages the DNA of viruses and stops them from replicating. When this blood is reintroduced back into the body, it revitalizes the immune system. Countless diseases are still treated this way mostly in Russia, Cuba, and in the private clinics of German-speaking countries.

Food and Drug Industries Embrace UV Light

Prof. Harry Steenbock experiments with UV light to irradiate milk

In 1924, while working at the University of Wisconsin, Professor Harry Steenbock discovered a method to transmit the healing power of UV light into food, and he quickly patented the process. It was quite simple – expose food to the light. He found that when milk is exposed to UVB/C light, it gained enough vitamin D to treat rickets, and in the process it cold pasteurized the milk.

At that point, the University of Wisconsin held the hotly contested patent, and charged hefty fees and royalties to food producers such as Quaker for the method used to “irradiate” their oats and other products with UV light. Here is where the certification “Fortified with Vitamin D” came into legal effect.[4]

While the food companies were promoting “Fortified with vitamin D” to entice consumers to buy their product, the pharmaceutical industry decided to make pills out of the same UV process. They grew ergot mould, exposed it to UV light, and that became vitamin D2 for vegetarians. Sheepskin oil contains similar steroid hormone properties to human skin, and when processed into lanolin and exposed to UV light it creates vitamin D3.

During the Second World War, the University of Wisconsin was tasked with creating a super antibiotic pill capable of treating the military. Since the times of the Romans, blue cheese was considered to be a food for life extension. Most prized was its penicillium introduced to raw sheep milk and then grown in caves at Roquefort, France. When scientists exposed penicillium spores to UVC light through a quartz crystal window, the DNA of the spore was altered to create the super strain of powerful penicillin. A whole new realm of patented pharmaceutical medicines came to market that used UV light to activate their drug.

The World Becomes Vitamin D Deficient

The UV light device used by Bob Connolly (filmmaker) and Magda Havas (breast cancer survivor) is called SolRx E-Series, model E720M (Master) & E720A (Add-on)

Short exposures to natural and artificial UVB light will cause erythema – a reddening of the skin. But the skin is not burned; the redness is caused by blood rising to the surface to collect the UVB-activated vitamin D to circulate through the body. Healthy skin should be pink but not painful to the touch. (If it’s painful, that’s called sunburn – the main point of contention that has created a vitamin D deficiency in the population.) The “vital” frequency that provides a healing field can harm, too. Like drugs, for phototherapy it’s all about prescribing the correct dose.

To ostensibly protect individuals from sunburn, cosmetic companies invented a lotion that contains chemicals to block the UVB, yet allows UVA rays to be absorbed into the skin. This prevented the burn but blocked the natural process of vitamin D/hormone production in the skin.[5]

Cosmetic and pharma companies then teamed up to warn the public of potential damage from sun and artificial UV exposure (such as tanning salons). They spread misinformation far and wide on a number of points: 1) The only way to spend your summers safely in the sun is to use suntan lotion. 2) Only dermatologists should be allowed to use UVB/C light. 3) Ban the use of Tesla’s violet ray as a medical device. 4) Blame respiratory disease on the ozone contained in smog. 5) Reinforce the fact that UV light damages DNA and fail to mention that in this process – it also treats disease.

The strongest signal was sent to the popular internet MD, Joseph Mercola. In 2015, he was fined $5 million for selling UVB solariums on his website, and making medical health claims that they would increase vitamin D levels in the winter which would help protect one from getting cancer.[6]

Epidemiologists rediscovered that some diseases increase proportionally the further away one lives from the equator.[7] Tesla chose Colorado Springs for his experiments in electricity because of the high altitude and abundance of UVB in the atmosphere. Currently, the healthiest U.S. city is Boulder, Colorado.

The influenza season typically runs from October to as late as May. If you live in Canada, this time period coincides with when the vital UVB rays are absent because the sun is low on the horizon and the atmosphere filters it out. Even in summer, the UVB rays mostly reach the earth between 11 am and 2 pm on a clear day, and this is precisely the time we are told to avoid the sun!

The Revival of UV Light Therapy

Most people know the name of Tesla because Elon Musk manufactures the Tesla car. He recently sent a message to the world by donating half a million dollars to the public schools in Flint, Michigan so they could set up ultraviolet light systems for water purification.[7]

In our country, the biblical phrase “Let there be light” seems to be a new mantra for Health Canada. Just like cannabis, you no longer need a prescription to purchase medical UVB lights. And universities now teach courses on the use of UVB grow lights to increase the psychoactive THC content of cannabis, and how ozonated water causes the plant to grow healthier.

Dr. Tatiana Koutchma is a Russian-born world-renowned expert in ultraviolet light. She was recruited by Agri-Food Canada to develop standards for the Canadian government in the processing of “novel foods.” Instead of heat pasteurization that destroys the nutrients in milk, fruit, and vegetable juice, cold pasteurization using UVC light can kill harmful bacteria, improve the nutrient profile of foods, and extend the shelf life. Fresh organic labelled produce can be safely sterilized to prevent the growth of bacteria such as E-coli. Milk and mushrooms directly exposed to UVB have been found to explode with vitamin D after exposure. The Canadian government is handing out loans and grants to organic food producers to “light filter” their produce.[8]

Saving The Bees

Bees can see ultraviolet light and they use it to find nectar in flowers. That nectar absorbs the vital rays of the sun and is converted into honey – a natural antibiotic that was prized by the Egyptian pharaohs. Unfortunately for the bees, they are now consuming pesticides and contaminants in the nectar and their immune systems are collapsing. But help is on the way.

In October 2018, Nature published a scientific report about the work of mycologist Paul Stamets, who directed UV light at myceliated brown rice that was inoculated with medicinal mushroom spores. The resulting patented “mushroom” formulas are now used to treat bee colony collapse disorder, bird flu, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer.[9]

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry promoted a future of light bio-beds where everyone had communication devices – and it became a reality with cell phones. To introduce the medicine of Stamets to the masses, the entity of Paul has been incarnated into the current Star Trek Discovery TV series as the inventor of “spore” drive. Faster than warp drive, cannisters of light-activated spores are cultured and administered into Paul Stamets’ body who then wills the star ship to appear instantaneously anywhere in the galaxy.

Medical Journals and Researchers Endorse UV and Ozone Therapy

Waldmann UVB 311 System Manufactured in Germany

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently released an article titled: “Tesla and the Violet Ray”. Authors Tyler Marion and Kevin Cao are educators at the University of Texas Medicine Branch. They feel that Tesla was the brilliant originator of electro-medicine and that “The advancement of dermatology relies on the foundation laid by past pioneers and research methods to move toward a bright, perhaps violet-coloured, future.”

I was quite surprised to read this article in JAMA because my historical research shows that the American Medical Association hid Tesla and his medical inventions from our doctors. The FDA closed down the violet ray manufacturers and now JAMA suggests that professional studies should begin? This is surely a sign that the times are changing.

Even more reassuring news comes from Columbia University. They patented a FAR-UVC light that is safe for patients to be exposed to 24 hours a day in hospitals and public places to control the spread of deadly germs and viruses. It’s so safe to use that optometrists treat viruses by shining the light directly into the eye.

Most doctors in Russia and Cuba are experts in medical ozone therapy as it is part of their education in medicine. Quite conspicuously, Health Canada does not take an official position although most provincial medical licensing authorities now allow its use. In fact, medical doctors can take private training courses in Canada, Germany, and the U.S., and bill patients directly for ozone treatment.

The invention of the UV LED (Light Emitting Diode) crystal has the most exciting potential because it can be pulsed to make it highly biologically active. Without drawing blood, UV intravenous fibre optic LED light can be introduced into a vein to kill viruses and enhance the immune system. We know that this type of light must be effective when single quartz UVB LED costs over $150.00 and an average Christmas tree LED is less than 10 cents.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Treated with UV Light, Ozone Therapy, and Chemo

To put all of this information into a local perspective, I will leave you with a message from a professor you may be familiar with. I asked Professor Magda Havas (an expert on the effects of environmental pollution) for her views on the dangers of ultraviolet light. Here is a synopsis of her reply (find her full commentary in the Letters to Editor section on page 50): “I was taught that both ozone and ultraviolet light were harmful to humans and should be avoided as much as possible, and this is what I taught my students as well. However, new information is now available that causes us to question these concepts. While I still believe these two agents are harmful, there are exceptions and the complete story is more complex than I had originally assumed. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer that metastasized to my lymph nodes and lungs, resulting in Stage 4 breast cancer that was considered fatal. While I did ultimately agree to chemotherapy, I also incorporated a number of complementary practices into my healthcare treatment. Two of those practices involved daily Narrowband UVB 311 nm exposures at home and a series of intravenous ozone injections at a doctor’s clinic.”

So, here we are back to the days of King Akhenaten where authorities now in power are breaking ranks to reintroduce the sun as being something to worship instead of fear. In Canada, I think this is happening because the government can no longer sustain our current publicly financed healthcare system. (The Cuban pharmaceutical embargo created an alternative healthcare system for Cuban citizens that is prized all over Central and South America. A big part of that is their expertise in Tesla’s inexpensive and highly effective non-patentable ozone therapy.)

Like cannabis in Canada, the prescription-free use of medical NB-UVB 311 nm phototherapy will surely inspire wellness clinics to add “Light Therapy” to their list of offerings. Once the customer experiences its ‘winter lift,’ I suspect that some will purchase these lights to raise their vitamin D levels, and to raise THC levels in the cannabis buds of the four plants that they can now legally grow at home.



  • Solarc Systems in Barrie, Ontario manufactures UVB light therapy devices (including the bulbs used by Prof. Magda Havas). Readers of Vitality Magazine receive a special 5% discount. Use coupon code VIT5OFF when purchasing via phone or online at
  • Recover You Technologies and Services is a Toronto-based,  Canadian-owned ozone services provider and ozone equipment manufacturer and supplier. They carry home Ozone Therapy Kits (ozone generator with accessories for all ozone therapy applications) and fiberglass ozone sauna cabinets. They also provide training in the usage of ozone therapy and all its applications by a certified oxidative therapy specialist.


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Bob Connolly is a Canadian digital film journalist specializing in health technology. Visit:

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  • Congratulations Bob Conolly and Vitality magazine for making available this very important information about light.

  • Sehr interessant und aufschlussreich.
    Es erschließt sich auch für Leihen und zeigt auf, dass die Bevölkerung mit Absicht krank gehalten werden soll (Pharmaunternehmen, Medien).

  • Great summary, but you forgot:

    As I have been explaining, when I started here were no computers and none of the history was known. I brought it all out writing and lecturing worldwide, then everyone jumped in, and although I created all the first public awareness and got a lot of help, somehow I did such a good job of creating the lost public awareness, that it grew into some kind of life of it's own.

    Couple of generations later "Well, sure we all know that" and although my book is still the best original peroxide ozone MMS and other complete explanations of each, therapy - now, when it is so badly needed to all be explained fully, It is missing the press it deserves. Everyone wants to promote their own research and leaves my work out.

    I knew all the pioneering greats personally and taught it all to them to get them going, Bob Beck, Walter Grotz, Dr. Robert Rowen, Dr. Howard Robins published Ebola cure, I even forced Fauci to meet us and had proven him an illuminat liar 30 years ago.

    As herein: Fauci.

    Attached bio :

    • Is that you Mr. Ed McCabe. You certainly deserve much credit for reviving the forgotten and buried amazing health benefits that Authorities of all strips don't want the masses to know about. The layman doesn't get the attention they should. I also help people using singlet oxygen therapy with no license. I would be more busy if I had a medical degree. I will check out your link on Fauci. People need to wake up about what is happening; I share it to help expose him and others like him. Maybe it time for another book from you. I also use a GB 4000 freq w/ plasma tube. Rife could also use some reviving.
      Here's to your health and longevity Mr. Oxygen.

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