Success Story: How I Healed My Stage 4 Breast Cancer with Integrative Medicine

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It is now almost six years since my initial diagnosis and the cancer is gone; I can no longer feel the lump in my breast or lymph nodes

Normally, the way we treat cancer in North America is with some combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. My oncologist, and the nurses in the cancer unit where I went for my chemotherapy, never mentioned the importance of diet or other complementary modalities. Indeed, volunteers served cookies and fruit juice to cancer patients while they were having their chemo IVs (in spite of the fact that sugar makes cancer cells grow faster).

The following represents my personal understanding of how to recover from cancer. This can be done in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy. I give no advice on these three modalities as I am not a medical doctor and believe we all need to do our own research and decide what is best for each of us.

I decided not to have radiation therapy, and in my case because of the metastasis it was also not the best option for me.

The lump in my breast was too large for a lumpectomy and I opted not to have a mastectomy (removal of the entire breast and nearby lymph nodes) even though that is what my surgeon recommended. I didn’t want any complications, like lymphedema (which is swelling of the arm following damage to lymph nodes during surgery).

I reluctantly opted for chemotherapy as my cancer had metastasized and I believed I needed more aggressive treatment to kill the cancer cells in my body.

On Ozone and Ultraviolet Light

Vitality magazine recently published an article entitled The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla written by Bob Connolly. For that article, he interviewed me and asked how I used ultraviolet (UV) light and ozone therapeutically. Since only part of my answer appeared in his article, I would like to elaborate here, and provide more information for those who are suffering from cancer and other chronic ailments.

I’m an environmental toxicologist and a retired university professor, and I used to lecture on the harmful biological effects of chemical and electromagnetic toxins. Two of those toxins are ozone and UV radiation.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to learn that ozone can be introduced into the body to promote healing. I first learned about this at the inaugural SOPMed (Society of Oxidative and Photonic Medicine) Conference in Utah in 2015, where I was giving a talk on benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF).

Because ozone is an oxidizing agent that leads to production of free radicals known to be biologically harmful, one would expect injection of ozone into the body to damage cells and organelles. However, when a small amount of ozone is introduced, it stimulates the body to produce antioxidants, and these beneficial chemicals repair free radical damage throughout the body. So although a high concentration of ozone will damage the body, a low concentration stimulates the immune system to work harder and ultimately has a beneficial effect while oxygenating blood and tissue.

The UV light device used by Magda Havas is called SolRx E-Series, model E720M (Master) & E720A (Add-on)

A similar situation exists with ultraviolet light. Too much exposure can be harmful. But small amounts of exposure from the sun or from UV lamps at the appropriate wavelength (311 nm) can stimulate the body to produce vitamin D. People who are unable to absorb vitamin D from food or supplements, or those with limited sun exposure, are often vitamin D insufficient.

This can be rectified by getting daily sun exposure around noon and/or using a UVB lamp for just a few minutes daily when sunbathing is not possible. UVB light is highly effective for treating psoriasis and other skin problems as well. These light bulbs are now available without a prescription in Canada and fortunately one of the manufacturers of UVB bulbs is in Barrie, Ontario.[1]

In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized to my lymph nodes and lungs, resulting in Stage 4 cancer that is considered fatal. In the opinion of one of my medical colleagues, I only had a few months to live. While I did ultimately agree to chemotherapy, I also incorporated a number of complementary practices into my healthcare regime.

Two of those practices involved daily UV exposure at home and a series of intravenous ozone injections at a doctor’s clinic. (An increasing number of medical and naturopathic doctors in North America provide IV ozone for their patients.)

Doctors told me to increase my vitamin D level because this helps cancer patients in a variety of ways. Initially I took vitamin D supplements, and then changed my regime to using a UVB light bulb for up to three minutes daily to boost my vitamin D levels. Or when the weather permitted, I would sunbathe in my backyard.

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In addition, I underwent ozone therapy, which involved having ozone introduced into my rectum and vagina. I have also had several treatments with IV ozone called the ten-pass system. However, only a few doctors offer this service in Canada, including Dr. Fred Hui in Toronto. The ten-pass system consists of removing about 200 ml (a cup) of blood from a patient, slowly introducing ozone into the blood, and then allowing the blood to flow back into the body. This is done 10 times, hence the name. A small amount of Heparin is added to this mixture to prevent blood clots. Sometimes the blood is also passed through UV light to help kill microbes.

I shared this information with my oncologist and although he was not opposed to the complementary treatments, he did not support them. I had chemotherapy every three weeks, and after several months my oncologist told me that I had the healthiest blood he had ever seen in a cancer patient.

So in summary, here are the integrative strategies I used to recover from cancer, in addition to chemotherapy.


  • External environment: chemicals and mold (well-known toxins that need to be eliminated); electrosmog (this is a big one and becoming more important as we continue to pollute our environment with wireless technology); other stressors (including emotional ones dealing with people, finances, etc.)
  • Internal environment: detoxification using saunas, colonics, chelating agents, supplements and other modalities, dental work (very important and often ignored and this includes removing mercury fillings, metal in the mouth, root canals, etc.); stress (emotional responses needs to be controlled with yoga, meditation, etc.)
    • High dose vitamin C, administered intravenously
    • Ultraviolet therapy for vitamin D production
    • Ozone therapy for nitric oxide production, detoxification, antimicrobial activity
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy: improves circulation, reduces inflammation and pain
  • Low level light therapy: increases cellular ATP energy production, and provides nitric oxide support
  • Food: modified ketogenic diet (cancer cells require sugar as a food source, so removal of sugars and starches are most important to starve cancer cells).  Several diets will work here including the ketogenic diet, Mercola’s fat flush diet, as well as Bernardo Majalca’s diet that allows for more starches but helps control pH and other important physiological functions.
    • Oxygenated internal environment: Cancer cells don’t flourish in oxygenated, alkaline environments. Ozone therapy kills microbes, oxygenates the body, increases antioxidant activity in body.
    • Alkaline internal environment: Consume foods and supplements that promote alkalinity rather than acidity in the body.
    • High temperature: Cancer cells also can’t tolerate temperatures above 42 degrees Celsius, hence the value of hyperthermia. This later concept was discovered when cancer patients who developed prolonged fever experienced remission from their cancer. Doctors began to test the value of induced hyperthermia (elevated body temperature) and now it is a method used by a growing number of clinics worldwide for both localized tumours and dispersed cancers like leukemia. The body’s temperature can be raised through inducing fever, spending time in a sauna*, using Oncotherm (combination of heat and Rife-like frequencies).
    • * The brand name of the sauna I used is Sauna Ray.  This is a low-EMF sauna that has all natural wood products and no artificial glues, so it is one of the best saunas available for chemically and electromagnetically sensitive people.  The manufacturer is located in Collingwood, Ontario.

Update: Three Years Later…

After my article in Vitality magazine and another CT scan, I learned that a small lump in my left breast and in one lymph node were still present. My oncologist said this would be a good time to have them removed as the lumps were small and a lumpectomy was now possible.

I found an excellent surgeon, very understanding, who just wanted to do whatever was best for me. (You need to find a surgeon you feel comfortable with. My first surgeon wanted both breast removed … just in case.) I had the operation and was home the same day. Drainage from the wound took several days before it stopped and I needed to do exercises to get my muscles working.

It turned out that only one lymph node was affected by the cancer, although all lymph nodes in my left underarm were removed and I haven’t experienced any swelling. Part of my upper arm and breast are numb because the nerves were cut. Expect in the future, when surgeons become really proficient, damage to nerves will be much reduced.

I was then encouraged to have radiation therapy to make certain there weren’t any small cancerous cells floating around in my body. I had several sessions and felt that the radiation damaged some of my breast tissue as it is always red and looks different than the skin on the unradiated breast.

My latest CT scan showed that I was cancer-free. Even the small spot on my lung had disappeared.

Getting the scan made a world of difference in my attitude. I felt that I had finally (or at least for the time being) conquered the cancer and prevented further metastasis. Didn’t realize that I still had so much anxiety about the remaining lump until that anxiety vanished along with the cancer.

I’m indebted to all the doctors, nurses, friends and family who supported me during this ordeal and I feel stronger as a result. All I want to do is share the experience and offer hope to those going through a similar ordeal.”


The three clinics that we know of which are making IV vitamin C available to patients as part of an integrative medicine approach to wellness, are:

    • • Markham Integrative Medicine, Dr. John Gannage, MD, (905) 294-2335; office at 300 Main St Markham North, Ont.
      • Chelation and IV Clinic, Dr. Fred Hui, MD, call (705) 721-1969 (3 locations in Toronto and Barrie)
      • Nature Medicine Clinic, Dr. Michael Prytula, ND, call 1-905-684-4934; office at 296 Welland Ave., St. Catharines, Ont.


  • [1] Solarc Systems in Barrie, Ontario manufactures UVB light therapy devices (including the bulbs used by Prof. Magda Havas). Readers of Vitality Magazine receive a special 5% discount. Use coupon code VIT5OFF when purchasing via phone or online at
  • For a complete list of ultraviolet products, including bulbs used by Magda, see the article: The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla: Healing Power of UV Rays at

> Dr. Magda Havas received her B.Sc. in Biology and PhD in Environmental Toxicology at the University of Toronto. In 1989, Dr. Havas became an Associate Professor at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. During the mid 1990s, Dr. Havas changed her research from studying chemical pollutants to investigating electromagnetic pollutants. She has worked with people who have electrohypersensitivity and has also studied the effects of microwave radiation on plants and bees. Despite retiring in 2018 she continues to do research and to teach to a wider audience in the form of seminars and conference presentations. For more information visit her websites: - harmful effects of electrosmog - beneficial frequencies - historical documents on the health effects of radio frequency radiation - Citizen scientists monitoring electrosmog in our environment.


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  1. Devra
    March 06, 18:21 Devra

    I am delighted to learn that Dr. Havas is again leading the world in innovation, especially as her continued good health is a matter of great value to all of us

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    • C
      March 11, 15:21 Cadegan

      Yes indeed, Magda Havas is helping a lot of people by telling her personal story. The information on detoxification with sauna therapy, along with raising vitamin D levels with UVB lights, and deep healing with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields is invaluable advice that you just can’t get anywhere in the mainstream media. Julia Woodford

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  2. Clara David
    May 21, 06:52 Clara David

    What Should A Person With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Expect From Treatment

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    • M
      October 02, 11:16 Magda

      We are all different so this is not an easy question to answer. The alternative treatments should help with the side effects of western medicine treatments (chemo/surgery/radiation) as they support the body in multiple ways. I was hoping the alternative treatments would be enough but that wasn’t the case for me. So I opted for a combination of treatments to help get rid of the cancer and to promote a healthy body in the meantime.

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  3. F
    October 01, 16:16 Food

    How about massive doses of Serrapeptase along with an outstanding alkaline diet to shrink cancerous growth?

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    • M
      October 02, 11:13 Magda

      I’m not familiar with Serrapeptase but an alkaline diet is highly recommended by doctors as cancer prefers an acid environment for growth.

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  4. S
    September 20, 16:06 Sammy

    Hi Magda,

    Thank you so much for sharing. Your story has given so much hope for my fiancee (29yr old) and I who has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on her first diagnosis. You have already done so much in sharing but I wonder if you have the time for a brief call with her?

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.


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