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How to Facilitate Recovery After a Nose Job

Recovery is one of the most crucial parts of getting a successful nose job. What you do during that time will have a direct influence on how good the results will be, how much swelling, bruising, and scarring you’ll experience, and how fast you can get back to your everyday life. Mistakes here could end up in complications and leave you unsatisfied. Let’s take a look at a few things you should do to facilitate recovery after a nose job.

Listen to Your Doctor’s Advice

The first and most important piece of advice is to listen to everything your doctor tells you. You might be tempted to skip some parts because you feel better, but rushing the process could actually lengthen your recovery.

Don’t rely solely on what other people have to say or advice you hear online. Only a doctor will be able to tell you which medicine you’ll need to take, how to take it, how to prevent infections in the surgical site, and when you’ll need to come back for follow-ups.

Sleep on Your Back

If you’re used to sleeping on your side or are a combination sleeper, you will need to pay special attention to the way you sleep from now on. Sleeping on your side after rhinoplasty will make you feel uncomfortable and could also prolong your recovery. It could lead to additional scar tissue and even displace your nose.

If you want to keep the bruising, scarring, and swelling to a minimum, we suggest that you follow these tips to reduce swelling. Staying hydrated, keeping a sound diet, and resting while making sure that the area gets a steady blood flow and is properly protected at all times will all be very important during this period.

Watch Your Habits

There are also seemingly benign things that you won’t be able to do after you get your nose job, like blowing your nose, for instance. This will be tough as you’ll experience some congestion during that period, but it will be essential if you don’t want to deal with complications. Your doctor may recommend a saline solution that will allow you to decongest your nasal passages without having to blow your nose. You will need to watch your sneezing as well.

While you can’t stop yourself from sneezing, you will have to change the way you sneeze. Try to sneeze through your mouth during recovery even if it sounds gross. You will have to wait for about six weeks before you can go back to normal.

Don’t Wear Glasses

Another thing you won’t be able to do during the recovery period is wear glasses. Even if they’re light, putting any type of pressure on your nose can increase swelling and bruising, and even change the final look of the nose. So, you might have to switch to contacts for the time being.

These are all things that you can do to make sure that your rhinoplasty recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget to

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