Soothe Summertime Stress for Your Pet

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We look forward to summer all year long – great weather, fun with good friends, and that long-awaited summer vacation. Our pets enjoy the great weather too, but summer carries its own special stressors for our cats and dogs! You can help your animal friends get the most enjoyment from summer this year by soothing their stress naturally with BachTM Original Flower Remedies.

38 Remedies for Emotions

There are 38 different Remedies in the Bach system, 37 derived from the non-toxic wildflowers of plants and trees, and one from pure spring water. Developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor and surgeon, the Remedies have reduced stress for people and pets alike for 80 years.

Dr. Bach was a visionary who intuitively understood that negative emotions and mental states cause imbalance and stress in our lives and may even lead ultimately to illness. He spent a lifetime searching for a gentle and safe method of balancing emotions which would in turn bring harmony to our being at all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual. Although developed for people, the Remedies work well for animals and Dr. Bach used them with his own animal friends. Animals are inherently attuned to nature and flower essences resonate beautifully with them.

Vacationing with Your Pet

Summer is full of excitement and new experiences! Some pets love to travel to new places with you, but others have a harder time with it. For pets that become anxious in a new environment like the cottage or hotel, give Rescue RemedyTM. It’s a combination of five different flower energies that provides grounding and relief from panic, reduces agitation, and increases self-control. You will also want to give Walnut, the Remedy for helping your cat or dog adapt to any kind of change.

These two are also the Remedies of choice if your pet is being boarded or kennelled while you’re away. Rescue Remedy relieves stress from any situation and Walnut will help your pet more easily adapt to different surroundings. If your pet tends to pine when away from you, add Honeysuckle to relieve homesickness.

If your pet dislikes travelling in the car, Rescue will help with the stress, and Scleranthus will help bring him emotionally into balance if he experiences feelings similar to motion sickness.

Summer is Exhilarating & Scary Too

For many dogs, we step up their exercise in summer by playing more games with them or taking them to competitions – and some may become over-stimulated which can lead to irritation and frustration. If your dog is an enthusiastic over-achiever but gets too tense and excited with all the activity, give Vervain. If your pet is an impatient type and can’t wait to get out the door to chase the Frisbee or go for that walk, give Impatiens.

It’s quite common for dogs – and yes, some cats, too – to be fearful of very loud and startling noises. Summer heat brings thunderstorms, and our holiday celebrations usually feature fireworks which can strike terror in the hearts of our pets. Rescue, the crisis Remedy, would be the one to use and you may need to smooth four drops into their coats every five minutes to sustain relief.

Easy to Use

You can find Bach Flower Remedies in many health food stores. The stock bottles contain alcohol which carries the flower energies very nicely and provides a long shelf life – but for pets the drops are best diluted in water. Some stores carry Rescue Remedy PetTM which is Rescue Remedy in glycerin rather than alcohol.

To dilute or blend: add two drops of each individual remedy (four drops if using Rescue) to a one-ounce (25 or 30 ml) bottle filled with spring or filtered water. Up to six Remedies may be added. Offer four drops four times daily on food or a treat. The bottle will last two to three weeks and may be refrigerated. You can also smooth the diluted or concentrate drops directly into the coat, or in front or behind the ears.

You, too!

Our dogs and cats are incredibly sensitive to our moods and emotions, and we can be triggered by their emotions and behaviours too. Because we are in such close resonance with what our animal friends are feeling it’s always a good idea to take the same Remedies yourself that you’re giving to them. That way, both of you will be finding balance and you won’t continue to trigger each other.

So enjoy the warm summer days with your animal friends – and just reach for relief with your favourite Remedies when stress comes a-calling!

Sue Becker is an animal communicator and consultant for animal wellness in Kitchener, Ontario. She is also a Tellington TTouch Practitioner and Bach Flower Practitioner for animals and for humans. Call 519-896-2600 or email to contact Sue for consultation or workshop schedule. Visit:

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