Book feature: The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life

Author: Susan Sommers
Publisher: Coversham Books
Publication: May 2021

I am very excited to announce the release of my new book, The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life. The book focuses on walking for mental and emotional clarity, for physical activity, and for spiritual strength and to connect with nature. The book eases the mental anguish that many people are feeling coming out of COVID-19 and is a great self-care tool.

Part memoir and photos from my walking journey (from overweight, unathletic child to walking two, 7 ½ hour Marathons and 33 other races after the age of 60), the book also provides evidence-based tools from the University of Toronto, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education; real-life lessons and stories to keep your mind, body, and  spirit strong; and journaling, photography, and Vision Board suggestions.

The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life was written in early 2021, during COVID 19, after I had walked the 778 kilometre El Camino de Santiago virtually, logging 15,000 steps a day for four months to receive the medal.

Highlights from the 30 “steps” in The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life, are how to:

  • Select the right type of walking for your strengths, interests, and budget.
  • Create walking checklists for both warm and cold weather.
  • Choose from 10 different types of walking for physical health, including race walking, Tai Chi walking, and walking with a cane or a walker.
  • Prepare for, and successfully complete a 5k to Marathon walk race, virtually or in-person.
  • Walk for brain power, plasticity, and resilience.
  • Conscious walking for mental clarity, emotional strength, enriched self-esteem, stress and anxiety reduction, and creativity.
  • Investigate three types of walking to enhance mental health: mood walks, walk and talk therapy, and walking for aging.
  • Design a vary of walking and hiking routines and lengths to stimulate your brain.
  • Practice the Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku, aka forest bathing or forest walking.
  • Select from seven types of meditation walks.
  • Add walking to your travels.
  • Find spiritual retreats and give back to others.
  • Live in a more sustainable way through walking.

 The book is now available for order through Caversham Books at 98 Harbord Street, Toronto; at, at TYPE Books, 427 Spadina Road in Toronto, or through my new website,

Visit Susan Sommers’ website at and contact her at

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