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A List of Common and Useful Lab Equipment

Lab equipment is an important part of scientific study and experimentation because it allows researchers to precisely measure, combine, and analyze materials while also maintaining a sterile and safe working environment. When building up a new laboratory or renovating an old one, you must know what scientific lab equipment is required for proper operation. The global market size for lab equipment is continuing to grow, with the expectation to reach $39.64 billion by 2032.

While the detailed list may differ depending on the work in the lab you are doing, there is common equipment that every lab needs, so make a list and calculate how much of your budget you should allocate. Each piece of laboratory equipment serves a unique purpose. Medical laboratory equipment is mostly used for analysis because it plays an important role in the diagnosis of many health disorders. The following is a list of common laboratory equipment you will need to properly do your job.

Single-cell dispenser

The biopharmaceutical sector has expanded its focus on single-cell dispensers, which are used for automated cell separation of individual cells, primarily for the generation and separation of clonal cell lines. Using a single cell sorter will help you make cell line separation easier by gently isolating single cells into culture plates and tracking colony formation. The proprietary microfluidics technique allows for the delicate isolation of single cells straight onto 96-well or 384-well plates. Therefore, single-cell dispensing for synthetic biology, cell line creation, single-cell omics, and rare cell isolation applications is now quick, simple, and straightforward.

These tabletop devices select and distribute single cells using unique microfluidics technology that combines flow cytometry with liquid dispensing. Cell line generation and engineering, single cell genomics, iPSC and CRISPR cloning, antibody discovery, synthetic biology, and uncommon cell isolation, such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating fetal cells, are all made easier and more powerful by this technology. It is inexpensive, simple to use, and there is no specific training to operate.


A microscope is an essential piece of equipment in every laboratory. A simple light microscope is a type of equipment that is commonly used in schools, universities, and laboratories. It employs natural or artificial light and a succession of magnifying lenses to examine a microscopic object.

A microscope works on the principles of light refraction, making use of how convex lenses bend light. It consists of two types of lenses: objective and oculus. The objective remains extremely near to the material to be easily examined and creates a virtual big image of it. You can observe the oculus staying near the eye and enlarging the previous picture even more.

Bunsen burner

A Bunsen burner is a device that is used for heating, sterilizing, and even combustion. You’ll also need a Bunsen burner stand and tripod to heat liquids and other chemicals properly. It’s a necessary piece of equipment in all laboratories; without one, you’ll struggle. It is widely used to heat test tubes and flasks as well as sterilize equipment, and it consists of a metal tube with a gas valve and a stem that retains a flame.

Volumetric flask

This is one of the most significant pieces of laboratory equipment since it is calibrated to contain a specific volume of liquids at any precise temperature. All volumetric flasks are calibrated for precise measurement of liquids and solutions, and you can find them in different sizes. It is widely used in chemical labs to prepare standard solutions.

A volumetric flask has a big bulbous body at the bottom that can be flattened or spherical. The body features a long, thin neck that is ideal for inserting a stopper. They are sometimes graded, which means they have volume scales written on the side so you can measure how much liquid is in the flask. You may also use volumetric flasks to preserve liquids for an extended period.


The dropper or a Pasteur pipette, is a popular tiny instrument composed of a plastic or glass cylinder with a small nozzle on one side and a rubber holder on the other. It is used to drop liquids or solutions into any media one drop at a time, making it a vital piece of equipment when any reagent is required in an incredibly tiny amount in a solution.

Final thoughts

To guarantee accurate and safe experimentation, researchers must be familiar with the many types of lab equipment and their correct use. Lab equipment is critical in scientific study and experimentation because it allows researchers to correctly measure, combine, and analyze materials and substances while also maintaining a safe and sanitary working environment. Additionally, optimal lab equipment maintenance is necessary to ensure smoother operation and to extend their lifespan. This involves being aware of the possible risks connected with certain pieces of equipment and taking the required measures.

 Igor Zagradanin is a content marketing expert with a proven track record of helping businesses by adding value to their brands, and content marketing strategies, as well as educating and connecting with their audiences on a personal level.

Igor Zagradanin is a content marketing expert with a proven track record of helping businesses by adding value to their brands, and content marketing strategies, as well as educating and connecting with their audiences on a personal level.

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