Restoring the Healthy, Natural Vibration of Water – with Somavedic Technology

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Have you ever noticed that two glasses of water from two different sources can taste and feel differently? Have you ever felt wonderfully refreshed after taking a small sip from a natural stream in the mountains, but still felt thirsty after you have drunk a full glass of bottled and “crystal clear” water? What is so special about the water from a pristine natural source? Why is it so hard to come even close to its feel and effects when we try to prepare the water artificially?

The answer is simple. There is far more to water (and matter in general) than just its chemical composition. Quantum physics has shown that everything is vibration and as such it carries information and energy.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

It has been some time now since Dr. Masaru Emoto showed the world for the first time his research about water having “memory”.  This idea is now growing in popularity as more and more scientific institutions come to the same conclusions (e.g. Aerospace institute in StuttgartScientists in UttigenNobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier etc.)

People do not believe in what they cannot see. We have managed to develop a reliable technique of photographing crystals of frozen water and made the invisible vibrations obvious. ~ Dr. Masaru Emoto

Simply put, Dr. Emoto took samples of water, exposed them to the tested scenarios, then froze the water and took pictures of the ice crystals. The results have been amazingly consistent and inspiring.

Negative environment – irregular, chaotic

Whenever the water was exposed to something negative, there were no nice crystals to be found.

Positive environment – beauty, sacred geometry

On the other hand, every time when the water was exposed to positive environment, i.e. kind statements, beautiful music, photos of good things, pristine nature, prayer, etc. the crystals formed beautiful, hexagonal snowflake-like crystals.

As a side note, this research has visually proven why it may make sense to express gratitude to your food and drink (whether in a form of a prayer or in any other way)

The quality of the water we drink is substantial for our good health. Especially if we realize that our body itself is more than 70% water.

Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington is one of the leading authorities on structured water today. After studying water science and technologies for over 10 years, he believes that water is profoundly impacted by light and heat-generating sources found in nature, which changes the molecular composition of the water we drink and store within our bodies.

When our cells’ water molecules are optimally “charged”, this positively impacts how the muscles and tissues throughout our body work. But when water is mechanically filtered, treated with chemicals and contaminated with various pollutants or toxins – leading to tap water toxicity and abnormal estrogen levels in our water – the structure changes and, therefore, the water loses some of its healing benefits.

The Somavedic Device Restores the Natural Structure of Water to Its Pristine Origins

Somavedic can re-harmonize the water and thus restore most of its natural potential. With the aforementioned researches in mind, below are test results of how Somavedic harmonizes water. Frozen water crystal photographs were taken by Ernst F. Braun & Sarah Steinmann from Swiss Uttigen.

Water commonly available in cities is pretty much “dead water”, whether it is a bottled water or water from a tap. It has been chemically treated, the water doesn’t flow naturally and it is exposed to all kinds of burdens, including the EMF. It has lost its natural potential and if you explore its ice crystals under a microscope, you will find out that the crystals shapes are very irregular.

Putting a glass of water near Somavedic Atlantik, Somavedic Medic Green Ultra, Somavedic Medic Amber or Somavedic Medic Gold for 10 minutes restores the non-chemical properties of water as close to its natural state as possible which is demonstrated by taking the picture of now nice and regular snowflake-like crystals, typical for water in a healthy environment.

Benefits of Structured Water

Proper hydration is required for almost every activity of the body. It is essential for energy, digestion, bowel function, enzymes, skin, urinary tract and much more.

Structured water works to:

  • Increase absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Improve detoxification of pollutants
  • Enhance all health programs and weight balancing
  • Counteract fatigue of dehydration better
  • Heal skin – no more dry and itchy skin
  • Promote immune system function and longevity
  • Improve discs and cartilage
  • Provide all the same benefits to your pets

Somavedic’s positive effect on water has been proven also by IIREC Certificate.

Somavedic also speeds up evaporation of chlorine away from water. This can be seen as bubbles which start emerging on the glass if you leave the water near the Somavedic longer. Both this and harmonization of the water actually positively change the water taste and feel. This leads to an easier and more regular water intake.

After evaporation of chlorine, the water is always perfect. The difference is less noticeable with better sources, but with burdened water, the difference is noticeable by even a total layman or skeptical person, who then drop their jaw in surprise. It is also perfect to harmonize everything that contains water. ~ Atlantik: Marek


We would never believe that it could treat water and give it a soft, tasty, and sweet flavour. We do not know how the trick works but it is perfect. We became addicted to this water after drinking it and feel tempted to sip it constantly. We drink tapped water a lot and when we accidentally drink untreated water standing on the table, our taste buds immediately react and recognize that the water was not treated by the Atlantik device.  ~ Harmonie, Atlantik and Medic: Lada and Miluska


Everything alive thrives around Somavedic

Due to the non-chemical and non-physical way of how Somavedic structures water, it has a major, very appealing, consequence – it can structure also water inside your body, revitalizing your cells and organs, reinforcing healing and regeneration processes. And of course that it positively affects everything in its range, be it your children, your pets or even flowers!

Somavedic, however, doesn’t influence only water. It impacts all fluids – e.g. here’s what it can do to your blood:

The researchers took patients whose blood cells were getting stuck together (formed rouleaux formations). When this happens, the blood cells cannot carry oxygen efficiently, they move slower or even cannot go through the small capillaries. We will leave it as your mental exercise to think about what can happen when your blood cannot go through your veins effortlessly

After only 90 minutes of just sitting in a room near Somavedic Medic (note that this model isn’t even designed to structure fluids), the blood of the patients restored its healthy flow of blood cells.

Imagine sleeping in these conditions every day! What a boost for your health!

The consequence of all these effects is that everything alive (except a few plants which still prefer negative environment) just thrives around Somavedic. Feel free to explore our references to read the specific stories of our customers.

For more information or to purchase a Somavedic unit for your home, visit:


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