How Mobile Technology is Changing the Pet Industry

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Technology is changing the way we live our lives at an unprecedented rate. When it comes to mobile technologies, there are new innovations almost daily, but what about our pets? Our pets are part of the family, and with the millennial generation, there is an expectation that mobile technology will make a positive change to every industry including the pet industry.

Mobile Services Make Things Easy

Much like how we can order a pizza or shop for groceries online, the same is becoming more popular for pet-related services.

Businesses that specialize in anything from pet grooming or dog walking, through to pet care, can increase their market share through mobile technologies. New, pet-centric systems such as mobile ordering apps are becoming more commonplace in the market. Such systems are being developed to offer a modern approach to online booking and management of such pet services.

On-demand apps such as Shadow App are making it easier for consumers to care for their pets. For example, visiting a vet is already a daunting and emotional experience for some. With mobile technologies, it is possible to book appointments within seconds and keep your entire pet history at hand. In addition to this, such systems can send push-notifications to remind you of appointments and when vaccines need to be booked in for our much-loved pets.

Mobile services are not only an easy way to arrange pet-related activities. They also open them up to those who otherwise would not be able to have access.

Smart Products Give Us Peace of Mind

It’s not just mobile services that are changing the pet industry. Mobile smart devices are on the rise, and it’s clear why. Pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and as such, want to adopt technology to ensure that they are safe and well looked after.

Mobile pet trackers are a great choice of mobile technology to give peace of mind to owners, ensuring that their pet’s location is known. Such devices are also beneficial because they can alert the owner if a pet wanders out of the house or a specified area based on mobile GPS sensors.

In addition to trackers, mobile technologies also allow pet owners to look after their pets remotely. Access to remote food and drink dispensers and pet cameras are improving as mobile technology costs decrease. It’s no longer a problem if a meeting overruns or you get home late because pets can be looked after remotely.

Microchipping Is Improving

While microchipping has been available for some time, technology has made pet microchipping more beneficial. Microchipping is now an inexpensive way to enable tracking of your pet. It’s considered a requirement in various areas due to its effectiveness.

Traditionally, microchips were only used at the vets to validate pet ownership. Now that mobile technologies have improved, pet tracking systems can now alert anyone with a microchip scanner if an owner has declared a pet missing or stolen. It also works the other way around, when lost animals are turned in the owner can now be alerted by a variety of ways including mobile app.

It’s Not All Good News

With technology adoption in the pet industry on the rise, problems are on the rise too. Therefore it’s crucial to utilize mobile technologies in moderation. It’s all too easy just to press a button to fix a problem these days. But we need to ensure that technology and its use in the pet industry are not abused.

We must also not be over-reliant in technology when it comes to the welfare of our animals. Technology can fail us, and we cannot let this jeopardize the health and well being of our pets.


Mobile technology is improving the way we look after our pets. It can be used to alleviate our anxieties and also improve the well being of our animals. Smart devices are more common now that prices for such technologies are dropping due to an increase in demand and supply.

Technological advances are making it cheaper and easier to access pet-related services too, but we must learn to use them wisely and in moderation.


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