Three Most Essential Skincare Treatments for 2020

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2019 was the year of natural looking, fresh, and hydrated skin. Following the demand, multiple cosmetology treatments appeared on the market, offering almost instant rejuvenating effects. Dr.Numb, the B.C.-based Canadian topical anesthetic company, takes a closer look at some of the procedures. We expect these treatments (or their upgraded versions) to stay popular on the market throughout 2020, too.


This skin treatment uses a cocktail of products, including hyaluronic acid, to improve different aspects of the skin. For long-lasting hydration effects, it is usually recommended to take a course of 4 sessions on a weekly basis. The treatment then can be repeated after several months to maintain the effect.

Once the skin has been numbed, the cocktail is injected into the skin at around 1 mm depth using a needle or a mesogun. As it involves multiple injections, the skin needs to be well-numbed before the treatment. This drastically improves the effect of the active ingredients, firstly because they are delivered to the optimal depth for a skin to absorb, and secondly because slight poking of the skin provokes the production of collagen, which enhances the overall rejuvenating effect.


The main goal of dermaplaning is to get rid of dead skin cells that have accumulated, giving the face a dull and tired look. It requires a special preparation, so only a licensed esthetician can perform it. The procedure essentially involves exfoliating the dead skin and peach fuzz from your face using a medical scalpel. The treatment requires no down time, and the effects are very attractive: soft, fresh skin and no facial hair! No wonder this treatment has become so popular!

Dermaplaning is not an invasive treatment, but still it needs to be performed with the precaution – sanitizing and disinfecting the skin is an important part of the skin prep. Dr.Numb Topical Anesthetic Foam Soap provides an effective anti-bacterial effect and also slightly numbs the skin for an increased comfort.


Dermarolling became extremely popular due to the simplicity of the treatment (you can even perform it at home). It requires almost no down time, and gives almost instant results. For a better effect, the treatment is usually done by a professional esthetician – this way, they can use a longer needle to penetrate the skin deeper, which encourages a stronger effect. In this case, you may apply a Dr.Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream to keep the skin numb for several hours.

If you prefer trying dermarolling at home, first choose the shortest needles for a dermaroller in order not to damage the skin, which then you can vary for a specific effect.

Whichever treatment sounds like the most suitable one for your skin, it may be a great idea to add it to 2020 resolutions list and include in plans for the upcoming year!

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