EarthCalm EMF Protection: Restoring the Body’s Birthright

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EarthCalm EMF Protection: Restoring the Body’s BirthrightIn recent years, science has determined how the human body receives and uses information from the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Several billion crystalline magnetites in the human brain, in addition to DNA and the pineal gland, are meant to receive guiding information from the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. These reside between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere and are known as the Schumann Resonances. Today, the Earth’s electromagnetic field is polluted with artificial frequencies, so the human body instead receives “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology. EarthCalm technology provides the healthiest means of EMF protection because it re-establishes and strengthens the body’s natural connection to the Earth’s field, thereby empowering the body to repel the electromagnetic junk while restoring healthy and healing biological processes.

This was scientifically proven in tests conducted by Dr. Walter Medinger, director of the International Institute of Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC). IIREC is a renowned authority and testing facility for EMF protection devices. It is funded by, and a technical bureau of, the Austrian government. IIREC issued EarthCalm products a seal of effectiveness on June 30, 2012, specifically because the products were found to return the body back to the Earth’s natural field and were also shown to restore and improve health.

EarthCalm offers a number of ways to protect yourself and your home, such as the Home EMF Protection System and personal protection products that work outside the home. For more information on EarthCalm, visit or call (416) 222-2368, or 1-888-993-9123.

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