The Holistic Bedroom – from Wall Colours to Mattresses

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By Sleep Expert Claus Pummer

Getting a healthy sleep is very important as it leads to relaxation, regeneration, vitality, more energy, and well-being. Many people overlook the value of restful slumber and only realize its purported benefits when they have trouble falling asleep, have sleepless nights, or wake up fatigued and in a bad mood.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is a place of security and offers health benefits, recovery, regeneration, and personal development. No other room in the home influences its inhabitants as much as this one – the bedroom is the source of spiritual and physical regeneration.

Here are important things to keep in mind when designing and furnishing bedrooms for your well-being:

Room size: The room should be at least 7.5m2 per person to ensure sufficient oxygen for the night. Air out the room before bedtime by opening a window – an air purifier, chemical-free paint, and wooden accessories are also recommended.

Floors: preferably wood, treated with natural wax or oils, and any desired area rugs should be made of wool.

Furnishings: All furniture should be made from wood (treated with natural waxes or natural oils so it can breathe). Mass-produced furniture should be avoided due to its possible chemical treatments and synthetic content. The room should be as free as possible from electrosmog, electromagnetic fields, noise pollution, light stimuli, and air pollutants, etc.

Room temperature: The ideal temperature for the bedroom is 16°-18° Celsius with a relative humidity of 50-60%. The bed should be at least 35 cm from the floor because 90% of dust is found in the lowest 20 cm.

Noise: Proper windows and shutters should provide adequate sound insulation. Blinds and curtains will help prevent light from entering the room so that light stimuli will not disrupt sleep.

Mirrors: High frequency radiation can be reflected off mirrors – the bed should not be in the vicinity of any mirrors.

Elektrosmog: All electronics, such as radio alarm clocks, TVs, cell phones, and cordless phones should be disconnected. It is recommended to install a main on/off switch.

Colours and colour scheme: Certain colours have been found to be more relaxing than others. The room should be painted in relaxing pastel shades – such as yellow, pink or light blue. And the bedding should be a bit brighter than the walls.

Bed/mattress: The sleep system is the epicentre of the bedroom and as such should only be made from natural materials such as wood, natural rubber, wool, and cotton, etc. Innerspring mattresses should be avoided – they draw in the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation and couple  it with any electro-smog radiation. The bed shouldn’t be next to badly insulated walls or a window, where the cold temperatures could leak in.

To add a touch of style to this arrangement, consider incorporating beds in blue colour, which can serve as a visually appealing focal point. Blue is often associated with calmness and serenity. It creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, making it an ideal choice for promoting restful sleep and relaxation. This way, you not only maintain the ideal clearances for movement but also infuse your space with a sense of aesthetics, making your bedroom both functional and visually pleasing.

Bed size: Ideally the width of the bed should be 90-100 cm per person and approximately 20 cm longer than the individual(s). Preferably the sleeper should lie with the head to the north or south to be in line with the earth’s geomagnetic field.

Slat frame: natural materials augment healthy sleep patterns; the frame should be flexible and metal-free to avoid magnetic field disruption.

Mattress overlay: natural materials are recommended, ideally cotton filled with wool.

Duvet and pillows: ideally made of cotton and wool, pillows and duvets incorporate down filling to avoid static and allow moisture absorption.

The SAMINA bed is made up of three layers; the flexible slat frame forms the basis of the system providing support for the whole body, the natural rubber mattress for cushioning and comfort, and the pure sheep’s wool pad for a perfectly dry and warm bed climate.


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