Taste of Nature’s Delicious Range of Gluten-free Bars

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Taste of Nature's Gluten-Free BarsTaste of Nature bars are gluten-free and tested by the University of Nebraska to contain less than 10 PPM (part per million) of gluten. And because the bars also contain fibre and protein with approximately 200 calories, they are a satisfying snack that can be safely consumed on the run without compromise in taste or nutrition.

Eating gluten-free foods is vital to people suffering from celiac disease. Approximately one in 133 North Americans suffer from celiac disease. However, health professionals are suspecting that more and more people have a sensitivity to gluten, particularly but not limited to wheat gluten. Estimate of those with a sensitivity are as high as 6 percent of all North Americans.

There are growing numbers of people who have developed food allergies or sensitivities and are focused on choosing foods made from simple ingredients that they recognize and understand. Whether they are watching wheat, sodium, dairy, cholesterol or are vegan or vegetarian, Taste of Nature will meet the most stringent nutritional requirements with outstanding, satisfying taste.

Taste of Nature bars are now available from fine health food stores. To find where you can buy them go to https://www.tasteofnature.ca or call (416) 502-8218.

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