Banish Varicose Veins with CircuVein, Flora’s Award-Winning Formula

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With summer just around the corner, the sun and nice weather inspire us to throw off ur heavy clothes and go outside. Yet a large percentage of women suffer from varicose veins – the thin, blue veins often referred to as ‘spider veins.’ These can be embarrassing and deter many women from wearing certain clothing, especially shorts and dresses above the knees.

Thankfully, there’s no need to suffer, be embarrassed, or hide your legs any longer. CircuVein is a clinically-proven formula that contains Diosmin and hesperidin, two important bioflavonoids found naturally in citrus fruits. Now it’s possible to eliminate your varicose veins with the clinically-proven and award-winning product CircuVein. This formula works to:

• Eliminate varicose and spider veins
• Repair, strengthen, tone blood vessels
• Provide antioxidant support against further free radical damage
• Reduce inflammation

With regular consumption of CircuVein, the swelling of varicose veins, along with the pain, heaviness, leakage, and poor blood flow, is gradually reduced over the course of a couple of months. Isn’t it a relief to know that in just two short months your legs could be free from varicose veins? CircuVein is safe for long term use, sustainable, and vegan so you can confidently take it, knowing it will repair your veins and have your legs looking beautiful in no time.

Each bottle of CircuVein contains 60 vegetarian capsules, a one month’s supply (SRP $27.49). Find Flora’s CircuVein at natural health food stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. More information is available at

Flora has been providing premium herbal supplements since the 1960’s and is known for its high quality, efficacious products.

For more information call 1-888-436-6697, or email

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  1. Derick Young
    June 23, 07:45 Derick Young

    The formation of varicose veins can sometimes be prevented, treated and kept at bay by natural or nutritional changes.

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