8 Digital Subscription Plans To Consider Signing Up To Today

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There are a variety of different subscription plans that you could sign up for today. The main purpose of these services is to provide the service to you that you want. This could be for entertainment reasons or even business reasons.

For example, there are a variety of different business applications that both managers and employees can use to make their daily lives better, such as Microsoft Office. This article will focus more on personal ones that you will use day-to-day.

TV And Movie Streaming Services

One of the more popular digital subscription plans available comes in the form of TV and movie services. This will include popular plans such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. These services offer consumers the chance to watch hundreds of different movies and TV shows from the comfort of their own home, for a small monthly paid fee.

In most cases, the service will add to the subscription with new titles every month, to keep users engaged and offer themselves something new to keep them enticed into the service. This digital plan offers great personal benefit in the form of entertainment.

Video Game Subscription

Similar to TV and movie streaming services, some video game publishers have started subscription services, to gain access. The Xbox Games Pass is a great example, where you pay a small monthly fee to gain access to hundreds of different games that you could play. It has even gotten to the point where they can offer games that are brand new straight onto the streaming service as soon as they release.

Mobile Phone Plans

One digital plan that you may not have thought about comes in the form of something you use every day, your phone. Depending on what phone, SIM, or network you have, the costs can vary.

You should think about what you use your phone for, and what you usually require from a plan in general. It’s possible that you only use your phone for texting or calling, or you only use it to access the internet and other applications.

That’s why many people choose to either buy their phone outright, bringing down their monthly plan costs or changing the amount they use within their network. Some people also choose to operate solely with SIM plans, to bring down the cost and get more control over what they’re using.

SIM-only plans offer more freedom to users. Lebara SIM-only plans can start as low as £5 for the month, with offers of up to £2.50 for the first month. They offer a great opportunity to get started with sim plans, saving you money on your monthly plan and other aspects of life.

A phone subscription plan can lead to more opportunities down the line. Your phone could have applications that require xfinity internet access to operate. This could be your transport app to help get access to tickets for your daily commute, or it could be signing into an entertainment application such as Netflix whilst you’re bored.

Exclusive Social Media Accounts

Another type of digital subscription that you can sign up for comes in the form of social media. This will be something you can use either on your phone or online via your computer. Most popular versions of social media will be free, but you’ll find there are premium options even on these.

For example, if you’re a business owner, you could utilize Twitter or Facebook to pay for advertising to promote your posts. This could be a monthly agreement that you enter into, where you will be able to view analytic data relating to how well the campaign is going. This will allow you to see how many people have clicked onto your posts, and how many people have gone on to click links within the sponsored post.

Away from business, there will also be personal reasons to subscribe to certain social media applications. For example, you will have dating apps that will allow you to subscribe to get more premium services. This could be upping your daily limit of swipes to find more people, or it could be to access a more private pool of individuals with interests like yours.

News Outlets

It took newspapers and other news outlets awhile to work out how to earn money from digital sources. That’s because when the internet first started to take off, newspapers thought they could list their content online for free as their physical means of news would still be popular, as it always has been.

When the internet became more accessible and popular, it became the main way people engaged with media and news. This then meant that people were used to free access to news, to the point that it felt like their right. Fast forward a few years, and some media started to implement paywalls and small subscription services to access their content. This is what The Times did, and after ten years, it started to pay off. It has now become an acceptable thing to pay for digital news, although social media is still the most popular way of finding out news from verified accounts.

Content Creation Services

If an individual has a talent, skill or something to show in general, then they can use digital means to express them. They can offer this service out to people for a price. This will happen in a few different ways. The most popular come from entertainment websites, such as YouTube or Twitch. This is where content creators can live stream themselves doing something entertaining, such as playing a game, or create content that people will want to see.

There are also fan sites such as Patreon, where people can crowdfund or promote their content behind a paywall. This means that you can’t see the content unless you pay, which is different from the previous examples. If you’re a fan of someone, then you can subscribe to their premium content to both support them, and get a unique service in return.

Music Subscription

Music subscription services continue to dominate the subscription scene. Most major music services, from Amazon, Apple and Spotify will offer a premium subscription, as well as a free one. The free one will typically be filled with adverts, as the main way in which the service will make money away from a direct subscription.

A premium subscription may not only get rid of adverts for your music but also offer unique benefits. This could be getting a first listen to new music from your favorite artist, or discounted tickets for live gigs in the future.

Sport Services

Even sport has gotten in on the ground floor. Of course, elite sport to be watched via a subscription is something that has existed for a long time. But thanks to more digital means, that has expanded.

For example, you could have an app for your sports subscription which offers unique angles of sport that commonly people wouldn’t be able to see. All of this is to help enhance your viewing experience.

Away from watching, there are also other sports subscriptions, such as digital magazines that will offer you unique insight into sport and icons that you wouldn’t have otherwise. The digital world is changing the way people engage with sports, mainly through unique subscriptions.

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