Restorative Ayurveda Healing Sanctuary with Andrea Olivera in Bewdley, Ontario

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Andrea Olivera’s Ayurveda Spa Room designed and photographed by Radhika Priya

Looking to refresh your mind and body? Escape your busy city life and take some time to heal, recharge, and rejuvenate with authentic Ayurveda treatments. Reconnect with the energy of nature and replenish your reserves.

After 34 years spent servicing the spa industry, Andrea Olivera and her husband Ali decided to escape to the country and settle on a quaint piece of land in Bewdley, Ontario. They now run a sacred healing sanctuary based on Ayurveda concepts, philosophy, and ancient Vedic traditions.

Located in Northumberland County, a 90-minute drive from Toronto, Andrea is offering her guests what they have always wanted – a private healing journey with nourishing meals and time to unwind in her comfortable home in the country.

The country setting provides quality quiet time to do inner work. Andrea’s one-on-one attention creates a customized plan for your healing needs in an environment that naturally heals the soul. Enjoy 8 acres of wild woodlands, a small creek, a local lavender labyrinth, many local antique stores, as well as the local (Rice) lake and beach activities.

Andrea offers private one-on-one Ayurvedic spa treatments that range from all-inclusive 1 to 3 day Healing Escape Packages, to Ayurveda facials, Indian Head Massage, Abhyanga Massage, and Karma Emotional Release. The package also includes Jyotisha Vedic Astrology Karmic Life Readings. Customized Ayurveda meal plans during your stay are also available.

Andrea’s husband Ali offers a sacred fire ceremony with customized yoga therapy that includes problem solving, pranayama, as well as yoga therapy and body alignment work.

Andrea is a pioneering figure in the field of Ayurveda beauty and has dedicated her life to the study of Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga, and the Vedic Sciences. Over 34 years ago, Andrea began her career as a make-up artist and aesthetician and was one of the first Canadians in her field to incorporate Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic Astrology, and Eastern wellness practices into her spa treatments and services. Today, she is one of Canada’s leading Ayurveda beauty and wellness specialists and educators.


Jai Ganesha! – My Ayurveda Rituals Spa Experience by Vanessa Morrell

I was deeply grateful for my husband’s 2023 Valentine’s Day gift to me: a certificate for a “hot oil” Indian head massage and facial from the Ayurveda Rituals Studio Spa Boutique just east of quaint Bewdley, Ontario (at the southwest tip of Rice Lake). These days we prefer to treat one another to experiences instead of “things,” and this experience was one of my favourites!

I’d met the spa owner Andrea Olivera a few years prior at the smaller previous location of her spa on Bathurst Street in Toronto. It was obvious from the moment we parked the car and approached the house — set in rolling farmland — that Andrea has expanded her vision and offering. The scent of rose petal incense rose to greet us at the door. Upon entry we were greeted with a ritual washing of our hands with rose water — the start of a luxurious and ceremonial experience.

We proceeded to the beautiful kitchen with its long 10-seat dining table where specialty teas, water, chocolate and fruit beckoned. The whole house is decorated with a play on white walls, flowers and guilded furniture. An Indian prince or princess would feel very much at home.

My hubby had arranged an overnight stay, and we’d arrived a bit early as I had a Zoom meeting to attend online. While I sat at my laptop in our appointed room, Andrea lavished plates of goodies upon me, including falafel with pita bread, cheeses, pickled mango, and grapes.

When I completed my Zoom call I descended the stairs and sat in front of a roaring fire in the living room, which is decorated with art and various Indian deities, each adorned with crystals and flower petals. I saw the beloved Hanuman (the monkey god) and I have to imagine a god of pampering was present somewhere! My husband, meanwhile, was exploring the large property and gardens Andrea and her partner have cultivated. Later he showed me the stream that meanders through a lovely woods and pathways that lead to benches and statuary where one can sit in quiet contemplation. I especially enjoyed sitting in front of Buddha, Ganesha and Mother Mary. The lands struck us both as an ideal space for a little getaway or a wedding.

We enjoyed dinner on the property, feeling gratitude for the fresh healthy ingredients and the interesting conversation with Andrea about her extensive travels and experiences reading people’s fortunes. She also expertly explained the purpose of murtis (statues) in Hindu spiritual practice, and how each deity represents an aspect of the supreme Brahma or God. We then enjoyed a deep sleep in our very comfortable bed.

In the morning we awoke to more delicious food that included an assortment of eggs, yogurt and other items, some of which we garnished with rose petal powder — something I’d never eaten before.

After breakfast Andrea led me to the private treatment room where I slipped out of my clothes and into a cozy cocoon of a heated blanket and a soft cotton cover. I began face down and enjoyed the feeling of the warm oil decanted in slow drips onto my hair and head — a feeling enjoyed also by India’s various maharajas.

Andrea proceeded down my back with the hot oil and also a warm stone massage. This was my favorite part. The oils slid up and down my back and down to my legs and my feet. I actually fell asleep, it was so relaxing!

Then I flipped over and received the “goddess treatment” that included more warm stones, hot oil and head massage, and a facial with yogurt. Warm wet cloths moisturized my skin and Andrea wrapped my hair in a beautiful scarf of my choosing so my hair could further absorb the floral oils.

When it was time to go, I practically floated out of the place! As we drove home, I told my husband that any time he’s unsure what to buy me for a present, a visit to Ayurveda Rituals will always be at the very top of my list!

Reviewed by Vanessa Morrell who owns and operates Break Free Transformations — a wellness centre and Pilates & yoga studio near Sundridge, Ontario. Contact her at or 705-774-1696.


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