TIPS ON CHOOSING the Perfect Nail Polish

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Finding the right nail polish, like many other things for a woman, takes a lot of skills. Nail polish does not just bring out your style or complement the clothes you wear, it also brings out your skin tone, and the shape of your hands. For instance if you have short, chubby fingers, you do not want a nail polish that will make them look stumpy. Instead, you will want nail polish that makes them look elongated. As you may have noted it really takes skill to choose the perfect nail polish. Here are a few things to consider:


The most important thing you should know when discovering how to choose the right nail polish color is that it involves your skin tone. For instance, fairer skin looks best with dark colors, while medium skin tones fair well with dark red shades. And a darker tone can carry just about any color.


Experts do not seem to agree on this one at all. Some say it is okay that your nail polish matches your outfit, some say it is not okay. So here, I guess you go with your instincts. Choose a color that is complementary to the outfit you choose. However, if you are in love with the color of your top, hairband or shoe, go for it, let no one tell you otherwise.


The experts don’t agree here either. So go with your instincts. However don’t go all too matchy, matchy, it may look too tacky and bland. Nevertheless you can match your nail polish and lipstick if they are a very dramatic color when you are trying to attract attention. Also you can try using a different shade but of the same color as your eye shadow. Matching your lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish makes your makeup bold and outstanding.


If you are having trouble choosing a nail polish color, look at the trends that are rocking now. It is very unlikely that you don’t find one that will match your skin tone. Blues, pinks, corals, blacks and purples are great with all skin tones as long as you go for a sparkly or matte finish.


Pay close attention to the seasons of the year as all come with different colors that rock. During winter, darker colors are trendy. Spring emphasizes pretty pastels, and summer is all about the hot colors and bright acid shades. Autumn goes well with bronze, gold, russet and some neutrals. When he is also about to propose, is a season that you must put more considerations. Those silver rings for women should rest on a finger that not only fits right but also looks exceptional.


This is all about those to whom the rules do not apply and those who just do not care. In the end it is basically about wearing what works for you, they are your nails, and it is your style they need to portray after all. So the rules may say that your favorite color will not work for you but try it any way. When it comes to nails and makeup, no rules should limit your interests and expectations. Nothing is off limits and the more you try your favorites, the higher your chances of improving and getting it right with the experts.


In choosing nail polish, it is paramount that you know what to avoid. For instance if you are very fair, don’t go for darker colors, they may make your hands look washed out. Other than that, feel free to experiment and have fun. Also, if it is possible, try and grow those nails a little longer. Long nails appear neat when you apply any nail polish on them. They also beautify your looks and give you a sense of control in any outfit.


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    The rules for choosing nail polish colors are very specific, I already know what color I should choose this summer.

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    I already know what color I should choose this summer.

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    I love nail arts

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