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Experts from Shaza Medina Hotel Explain Wellness Travel

Whether we want to explore a new corner of the world, to step out of our comfort zones, or to simply escape from daily stress and reality for a little bit, we all share a love for travel. So, especially in our modern busy world, we expect from our vacations to be the antidote for stress, and a boost to our personal health and well being.

Way back, it was rare to hear the two concepts of wellness and travel used in the same sentence. And when they were associated the term was mostly referring to the spa experience. Yet, nowadays, wellness travel is one of the fastest growing areas in tourism and stands on pillars like healthy food options, fitness activities, nature, and luxurious spa retreats. The wellness travel sector is driven by two types of travelers, such as the wellness-minded travelers seeking out vacations that allow them to experience healthy eating and maintain a routine of fitness and the travelers that want to use travel as a break from their regular routine back home for a proactive wellness treatment.

Today, medical science reveals new discoveries, health care costs increase, and we become more educated consumers which is rising our interest in pro-active self-care. Therefore, we want travel options that allow us to maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle. The experts from Shaza Madina, a luxury hotel in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, explain how wellness tourism adds experiences that satisfy customers looking to expand their cultural horizons.

Treatments and Experiences

Wellness awareness means that tourists are willing to spend more in order to experience something unique on their vacation. Years ago, when wellness tourism started to develop, every hotel started with investing in a gym and, later, in a spa as they become a standard. Now, travelers expect their wellness experience to be integrated more throughout the hotels. They are looking for overseas destinations which can provide them with wellness experience that also expands their cultural horizons.

More and more studies show us how regular exercising leads to a healthier body and a happier mind which makes wellness tourists interested in continuing their active lifestyle even when they are traveling. Hence, hotels offer facilities such as fitness gyms, spas, and a variety of beauty treatments and massage that aim to enhance travelers to physical wellness tourism. Medical programs are also usually incorporated into the wellness programs offered to tourists. Many travelers are interested in discovering local healing or medical traditions and spiritual practices. So, the inner wellness tourism aims to offer the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being of travelers everything that they need for a unique holiday. It offers new and authentic experiences and treatments including culture-based therapies like acupuncture, body massage, and mind-body retreats.

Emerging Destinations

One of the latest trends in wellness tourism is the rising interest in under-visited regions. Those emerging destinations provide great opportunities for travelers to have unique experiences in spectacular destinations and for entrepreneurs to tap into the growing business. Many countries have recently begun to invest in under-visited areas to attract wellness tourism. Crowded tourism routes tend to be avoided by travelers who want to escape the beaten path and care for their bodies and minds. Wellness-focused travelers choose emerging destinations to take advantage of the opportunity of visiting it before the place becomes a popular touristic destination that is simply too crowded.

Emerging destinations give the travelers the opportunity to think outside of the box away from the popular destinations. Only the unique view you can get from traveling to untouched skiing spots or beaches brings peace of mind and a healthy experience. Wellness tourists appreciate outdoor activities and cultural knowledge that goes behind what they can find on the internet. For a more holistic wellness journey, tourists are increasingly looking to connect with destinations through nature and local traditions.

Outdoor activities

Wellness tourists simply love nature for two reasons. First of all, when traveling, tourists want to escape from the busy metropolis they live in with crowded traffic and noise pollution. They want to connect with nature to regain their peace of mind through fresh air and a healthy environment. Secondly, being out in nature is a great way of exercising and maintaining their physical health. Wellness travelers are looking for adventures such as walking tours, hiking, paddling, and inspirational outings in nature such as yoga. Nature helps them clear and expand their minds and increase their sense of wellness.

Diet and nutrition

Healthy nutrition is a significant area of a wellness lifestyle. Most tourists seeking inner wellness generally prefer organic and local food. If they have a strict personal regime that they adhere to at home, they most likely look for those options on holiday as well. A wellness tourist destination should ideally offer healthy meals that can fulfill every dietary need. Examples are meals with fewer carbohydrates, more fruits and vegetables, a balance of vitamins, and gluten-free options. It is also vital to provide for hotel owners to provide customers with vegetarian and vegan options to show how flexible and accommodating your touristic destination is. On the other hand, fine dining is another trend rising in the tourism sector. For those travelers looking to take a break from their daily routine back home, delicious meals prepared by culinary experts and served at luxurious restaurants are a spectacular experience that adds to their traveling experience.

Wellness tourism promotes health and wellbeing, both physical and mental through activities that travelers can do during their trip. Stress reduction and overall physical and mental well being are what is important for travelers to experience and for hoteliers to offer to their customers.

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