“Tesla’s Medicine” Film & Trade Show at The Redwood Theatre

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Tesla’s Medicine Film and Trade Show takes place June 14, 15, 16, 2024 at the Redwood Theatre

Nikola Tesla’s legendary exploits are not usually equated with health procedures, but some deeper insight reveals that he has contributed massively to many current medical methods and devices.  That’s why we are presenting an inspiring new movie called “Tesla’s Medicine” during the weekend of June 14, 15, and 16.

To celebrate and educate the public about Tesla’s healing technologies, we are inviting more than 20 exhibitors – who represent modern healing approaches related to Tesla Technology – to exhibit their products and services throughout the weekend.  Join us and imagine the conversations…

Tesla’s Medicine Meeting & Trade Show
3 Days of Energy, Frequency & Vibration


The Redwood Theatre in association with The Inventors Nest and Inventors’ Circle has designed a weekend to share Information, experience technology and foster collaborations… allowing an exploration of the historical medical inventions of Nikola Tesla, and how they are used today for the practice of Electro-Medicine.

We invite technologies and practices dealing with Vibration, Music, Light, Electromagnetism, Forest Therapy, Frequency Therapy, Quartz Crystals, Human Biofields, Healthy Homes and Regenerative Farming.

Inventors and distributors, therapy practitioners, artists and the curious will all want to experience what this weekend has to offer.  Energy Therapy is complementary medicine in all of the traditional fields.  We aim to provide a memorable experience for all.

Location: At the Redwood Theatre & Redwood Studios – 1300 & 1298 Gerrard St. E, Toronto (At Greenwood, on the 506 College street car)


  • Over 20 exhibitors
  • Inventions, innovative technologies & practitioners.
  • Sound baths, healing technologies, dances
  • Tactile and haptic sound,
  • VR and immersive experiences,
  • Film screening, ceremonies, technology exhibits
  • Experiential displays
  • Concert and meeting
  • VIP lounges and access options

​Friday June 14

7:00 pm  Opening Night Gala and Sound Bath

Our opening gala is a chance to meet with vendors, attendees and artists that will be participating through the evening.

We will entertain you with a variety of personalities and technologies that play into the tools that Tesla saw and then invented: August Worley (Virtual attendance) and his Pyradym frequency and light machine – Bob Connolly with a variety of sound and frequency devices and his singing plants, Sound Bath and crystal bowl performance – The highly acclaimed Bill King who is the musical director of the Redwood Theatre, jazz and improvisational artist – with circus performance and more surprises. We will finish off the evening with an ElectroYoga dance

It is a special event and attendance is limited.

The Redwood Theatre is located near Gerrard and Greenwood in Toronto

​Saturday June 15

10 am to 6 pm  Trade Show with Technology Presentations and Surprises!

Saturday morning we open the doors will a full trade show of technology and associate businesses in the Music, Health, and Technology fields.  A complete list of attendees and schedule for the presentations will be announced soon.

7:30 pm Tesla’s Medicine Film Screening / Q&A with special guest Bob Connolly

​The first of three full-length feature documentary films have been released, and this first episode presents Tesla’s medical inventions that produce a magnetic field to treat the patient.

This first film, “The Universal Fluid” introduces the audience to a hidden historical perspective of Tesla’s magnetic field medical technology and takes the viewer on a colourful tour of East and West Europe to examine how it is used today – in secret. The film documents its rise to fame and demise in the west, its migration to the former countries of the Soviet Union, then into the German speaking countries of Europe and its inevitable return to North America to be used as complimentary western medicine.

The return of Tesla’s medicine is good news and is timely for a public that has lost faith in pharmaceuticals, but with it comes “disinformation” from manufactures and sales agents that want to market their magnetic field therapy products to an unsuspecting public that is looking for alternative treatments. We showcase and experiment with a wide variety of these energy medical devices that feature the Tesla coils that are connected to frequency generators that “pulse” a magnetic field into the human body. The film will provide the audience with a good understanding of how to incorporate magnetic field “Frequency Therapy” as part of their healthcare regimen.

The film ends with highlights on how magnetic fields can also be used to treat diseases in insects and documents a method on how to stop colony collapse disorder in the honey bee population.

Sunday June 16

11 am to 5 pm Trade Show with Technology Presentations and Surprises!

Sunday we will close out the event with a trade show of technology and associate businesses in the Music, Health, and Technology fields.  A complete list of attendees and schedule for the presentations will be announced soon.

VENDORS – fill our Trade Show application form: https://www.theredwoodtheatre.com/teslasmedicinecall

VISITORS – see the menu for tickets and how to attend: https://www.theredwoodtheatre.com/teslasmedicine

More information, email: info@theredwoodtheatre.com


• The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla:  https://vitalitymagazine.com/article/the-vital-light-of-nikola-tesla-healing-power-of-ultraviolet-light/

• How I Healed My Stage 4 Breast Cancer with Integrative Medicine  https://vitalitymagazine.com/article/success-story-stage-4-breast-cancer-cured-with-integrative-medicine/

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