WOODFORD FILES: On Tesla’s UV Ray, Breast Cancer Recovery, Best Natural Blood Thinner

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I think the best thing about publishing Vitality magazine is the opportunity it provides to share useful information that you can put to work right away. This month, the magazine is jam-packed with resources to move you to a new level of well-being when you’re ready.

In these dark days of mid-winter, our feature on The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla will come as a ray of sunshine for all of you sun-starved Canadians. During his 10-year quest to produce a documentary about the visionary Nikola Tesla, writer and filmmaker Bob Connolly discovered Tesla’s fascination with the power of the sun and his invention of a device in 1901 that recreated the healing effects of solar UV rays. In its day, this ‘violet ray’ device was popular for treating skin disease and cancer. Sadly the device fell out of use after Tesla died. But now his inventions are being rediscovered and rebuilt for the benefit of humanity, so his revolutionary UV technology is once again being used for treating skin disease, cancer, and the winter blues.

Further on the power of ultraviolet light to heal disease, in this issue we carry a Letter to Editor from Professor Magda Havas. It started out as an adjunct to the Tesla article, explaining how she uses UV light and ozone therapeutically. But the “Letter” then blossomed online into a much longer “Success Story” explaining how she used UV and ozone within a broader strategy to cure the Stage 4 breast cancer she was diagnosed with. It is truly a fascinating story, and one which every woman should read if they are concerned about preventing or treating breast cancer naturally.

Another intriguing new development is legalization of the cannabis herb, which has some people wondering how it might fit into their healthcare regime. This month, we bring you a feature by Pat Crocker on Cooking with Cannabis, which explains the process involved in preparing this plant as a medicinal food. From ‘activating’ the cannabis, to measuring it for a specific dosage, to infusing it in a carrier oil, Crocker has it covered. From what we hear, the number of folks who are turning away from dangerously addictive opioids in favour of cannabis preparations for healing arthritis, insomnia, and anxiety are increasing. So don’t be surprised if the next time you visit your granny she passes you a ‘Joint-Relief Bite’ or an ‘Egg Popover’ with a wink, a nudge, and the urge to live a little.

And we have more great news on deck with the approval of Nattokinase for sale in Canada. Made from fermented soybeans, this powerful enzyme works as a blood thinner that rivals the effects of prescription medication. Dr. Rona is thrilled by the new development and has written a feature in this issue outlining the benefits of natto as a safe alternative to the hazardous statin drugs prescribed by Western medicine.

As proud as we are to bring you all the best natural health strategies in every issue, I must admit we’re facing the same challenges as many others in the publishing industry. While demand for the magazine is increasing, our profit margins are shrinking. Many of our competitors have gone out of business, and others are reduced to publishing wall-to-wall ‘advertorial’.

As the best health magazine in Canada we are committed to keeping our journalistic standards up and our integrity high. But to keep publishing a print magazine we need help from our readers in the form of contributions big and small. Whether it’s major benefactors who step up to make large donations (even though we’re not a charity), or regular readers who purchase magazine subscriptions, we are open to all possibilities. Your input and/or ideas for donations are welcome at letters@vitalitymagazine.com.

Julia Woodford, Editor, Vitality Magazine

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