Woodford Files: The Healing Power of Nature; Apple Cider Vinegar for Arthritis; Magnesium for ADHD

Spring flowers are growing like mad these days, and so too is public interest in natural health. With celebrities and politicians growing enchanted by the healing power of nature, the future looks bright for holistic therapies from East and West. Even our own Prime Minister revealed his use of Traditional Chinese Medicine when he recently displayed his forearm adorned with ‘cupping’ bruises during an interview. (See article in National Post)

I find it exciting that the most popular leader in the Western world is not afraid to show his use of an ancient Chinese therapy. Is it possible that there’s hope for our health care system after all? Dare we imagine that preventive and integrative medicine might someday replace the drug-addicted disease management system that we’re stuck with now? (To learn more about cupping, check out our TCM feature this month.)

In other news, fans of fermented foods will love our “Wonderful World of Vinegar” feature this month, which looks at history, folklore, and medicinal uses. Most noteworthy among these is apple cider vinegar, a homegrown tonic used by wise healers for millennia to help alleviate arthritis, constipation, and muscle cramps. Lucky for us, there is a producer of unpasteurized cider vinegar right here in Ontario called Filsinger’s. I’ve long been a fan of their vinegar, cider, and butter – all made from local organic apples, and all of which are easy to find in local health food stores. This is medicinal food at its finest.

Parents of hyperactive and/or ADHD children will be interested to read our feature on magnesium this month, which reveals that a deficiency of this mineral has been found in 95% of ADHD kids. Thankfully, adding magnesium to the diet with food and/or supplements has been found to alleviate hyperactivity, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches. That’s one powerful mineral! Those wanting to know more about magnesium can also read Dr. Rona’s excellent feature, archived on our website. (This article discusses a new form of magnesium called L-Threonate which has been found to repair damaged brain synapses and is being used in treatment of memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and other brain diseases.) As for me, I like to take magnesium in the evening before bed to help relax my nerves and induce sleep.

The readership survey that we conducted a few months back brought us some fascinating feedback from readers about what they would like to see more of in Vitality. High on the list of requests was a section catering to pet owners, where they can read about natural health and alternative remedies for their cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits. So this month you will find our resurrected “Healthy Pets” section on page 52, brought to us by Sue Becker, an animal wellness consultant based in Guelph, Ont. We also invite our readers to contribute their own pet stories of recovery with natural healing, or favourite tips and advice (send via email to: letters@vitalitymagazine.com).

Happy Mother’s Day!

Julia Woodford, Editor

Julia Woodford founded Vitality Magazine in 1989, and has been its Editor-in-Chief for the past 30 years. Prior to a career in publishing, her studies included Political Economics at York University, Journalism at Ryerson University, and Psychology, PhysEd, and Anthropology at University of Toronto. She remains a lifelong student of herbalism, nutritional medicine, and the healing arts to this day. You can read her columns on the Vitality website. She is also the Show Manager for Whole Life Expo, Canada’s largest showcase of natural health and green living. Learn more at the Expo website In 2018 she received a “Hall of Fame” award from National Nutrition. In 2019, she was nominated for a “Person of the Year” award by National Nutrition.

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