Woodford Files: Gut Bacteria Can Cure Disease; Supernutrients for Arthritis

These are exciting times to be in health publishing. With new research on disease prevention and natural cures being released almost daily, there is plenty of material for health editors to digest and share with readers. One interesting study reported by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research found that a key bacteria in the human gut could play a major role in treating Type 1 diabetes. More specifically, it was found that this gut bacteria (called CAMP) functions not only to clear inflammation in the intestines, it also works to help the pancreas regenerate cells and start producing insulin again. Lead researcher Dr. Fraser Scott, of Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, commented:

“Our discovery that CAMP may play a role in dampening gut inflammation and regrowing these [pancreatic] cells is an important milestone in diabetes research.” (Posted report)

Further on this subject, Vitality’s previous issue Helke Ferrie wrote about The Link Between Obesity and the Human Microbiome the crucial role of intestinal bacteria in our very survival, and pointed to research showing that the wellbeing of all our organs and systems depends on the health of intestinal microbes. Indeed, the human microbiome is comprised of a variety of friendly bacteria that work to help us thrive. But if this bacteria is threatened by genetically modified foods, environmental pollution, or drugs like antibiotics, then the friendly microbes can easily be wiped out – leaving us vulnerable to a host of diseases including cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.

Gut bacteria – or microbiome – is the bacteria that lives inside your intestines.

This month, we continue the conversation about gut health in our Fun with Fermenting feature by Certified Nutritional Practitioner Sylva Sheridan. In it, he shares homegrown strategies for strengthening digestion and rebuilding the population of friendly microbes that reside in the gut. A key part of this strategy is consumption of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and miso.  I plan to test-drive his recipe for garlic sauerkraut since it’s as simple as stuffing shredded cabbage and apple cider vinegar in a jar. But the kombucha recipe is a bit more daunting so I will stick with the great brands available at health food stores (especially the ginger kombucha which tastes like old-fashioned gingerale). I’m also a huge fan of probiotic supplements, which I take daily to keep my plumbing humming.

In his gargantuan feature Treating Arthritis Naturally , Dr. Zoltan Rona acknowledges the valuable role played by digestion in absorbing nutrients to prevent disease, especially minerals. He also looks at top supernutrients shown to prevent and treat both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, two very common and debilitating illnesses. This will be of great interest to those looking for relief without the use of medications. (An August 2016 government report stated:

“According to the 2000 Canadian Community Health Survey, arthritis and other rheumatic conditions affect nearly four million Canadians aged 15 years and older – approximately one in six people. Two-thirds of those with arthritis were women, and nearly three of every five people with arthritis were younger than 65 years of age. Compared with people with other chronic conditions, those with arthritis experienced more pain, activity restrictions, and long-term disability, were more likely to need help with daily activities, reported worse self-rated health and more disrupted sleep and depression, and more frequently reported contact with health care professionals in the previous year.”) Read the report.

Meantime, preparations are well underway for Whole Life Expo 2016, Canada’s largest showcase of natural health and green living, to be held this year on October 21, 22, and 23. This promises to be the biggest one yet, as exhibitors and speakers from across North America gather en masse for the Expo’s 30th anniversary. Find out more.

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