Getting Your Mojo Back with Homeopathic Medicine

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Bleed Joyfully – A Fresh View of Depression

We all have found ourselves stuck at some point in our lives, feeling like we’ve lost an important part of ourselves. We might feel sad, bored, angry, or frightened, going through a routine existence full of duties and responsibilities. Perhaps you feel uninspired in your job, or have fallen out of love with your partner or your place of residence. You may feel held back by low self-confidence, uncertainty, and a fear of taking the next step. Or, you have given up on your wishes and dreams in exchange for leading a comfortable and mundane life. What’s missing? Could it be that you’ve lost your ‘mojo’? If so, gentle yet powerful homeopathic remedies can bring it back.

What is Mojo Anyway?
In the Austin Powers movies, the term ‘mojo’ was popularized as an expression of sexual prowess. In general, it is understood as your spark, your oomph, motivation or passion for life. The dictionary describes mojo as power that may seem magical, which allows someone to be effective and successful.

The word mojo originates from the African voodoo tradition. If your mojo is working, it means you are lucky and leading a charmed life. You own your power and no one can affect you with their negative energy. Having your mojo equates to possessing magnetism and charm. It is feeling balanced and contented.
The French call it je ne sais quoi or a certain pleasant but indescribable quality a person possesses. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is referred to as Qi.  In Sanskrit (an ancient language of India), it is known as Prana. Homeopaths call it ‘The Vital Force’.

Your Vital Force
Homeopathy proposes that we all have a vital force, or life force, that sparks and organizes our existence. To understand this powerful force, one must reflect on the universe and the planets in our solar system. The planets circle the sun, directed by the influence of the sun’s energy. The moon circles the earth affecting all creatures including humans, and the oceans with its energy. In order to operate efficiently, our solar system has to be in perfect harmony and balance, otherwise there would be chaos. This powerful force, which keeps our planets in perfect harmony, is the same vital force that keeps us humans alive, balanced and healthy.

Our vital force is responsible for keeping our organisms in homeostasis. As an example, the vital force ensures that our immune, hormonal, and nervous systems work as a unified whole, with intricate intercommunication and interfacing with our thoughts and emotions.

Homeopathy teaches that all illnesses are caused by a weakness, disturbance, imbalance, or blockage of the vital force. In its attempt to maintain balance and health, your body tries to correct these by creating physical, mental, and emotional changes called symptoms. In other words, symptoms are the body’s failed attempt to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are powerful energetic stimuli that help the vital force to overcome the hurdles of imbalance or blockage. They help to restore balance and maintain good health. In other words, they give you back your mojo.

Curing The Blues: TCM Treatment Of DepressionShe Got Her Mojo Back!
Victoria, a 25-year-old accountant, was devastated by the break-up of her relationship with her fiancé. He called off the engagement two weeks before the wedding, leaving Victoria in shock and despair. She lost her appetite, gave up her hobbies, and stopped interacting with friends.  When I saw Victoria, she felt hopeless, depressed, had very little appetite, and slept a total of four hours per night. She experienced vertigo upon falling asleep and felt “brain fog” during the day.

After doing an in depth case-taking with Victoria, I prescribed a homeopathic remedy which I felt matched her symptom picture. A few doses of this remedy, called Tellurium, gradually helped balance Victoria’s vital force, causing her to regain her life and interests.

The sudden motivation that she felt to clean her apartment was her first impulse after taking the remedy, an impulse that she had avoided since the relationship break-up. Then, over a period of two months, Victoria slowly regained her appetite, got refreshing sleep, and regained her interest in social activities. The vertigo and brain fog also disappeared.

Let’s be very clear about one thing here. The remedy Tellurium is not a ‘relationship break-up remedy,’ depression remedy, or a remedy to gain back one’s motivation. This vibrational remedy was selected to suit Victoria’s unique symptoms and life stresses, gathered during a two-hour consultation. Each person facing a stressful life situation of their own (be it divorce, job loss, death in the family, conflicts with friends or relatives, etc.) will naturally require a different remedy, one that matches their specific complaints, personality, temperament, and essence.

Homeopathy is Energy Medicine
There are well over 3,000 homeopathic remedies made from plants, minerals, and animal products. The remedy sources may be from poisonous minerals and plants, such as arsenic and poison ivy (ie. Arsenicum Album and Rhus toxicodendron), or something as innocuous as salt (Natrum muriaticum). When diluted and potentized, these substances transform from matter to energy. Each remedy carries its own unique vibrational frequency, capable of re-balancing, organizing, and healing our energetic body or vital force.

Homeopathic remedies help release the body’s blockages, allowing the energy to flow unimpeded once again. Once the energy disturbance or blockage in an individual has been healed, other symptoms of imbalance, whether physical or emotional, will normally resolve themselves. The result? You regain your spark, your motivation or ‘mojo’.

He Got His Mojo Back
Michael, a 43-year-old sales representative, was feeling uninspired and bored in his career. He found it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and felt indifferent throughout the day. Having to pretend to be happy and energetic in front of his clients was taking a toll on his health. He experienced daily headaches, got frequent colds, and felt tired and depressed all the time.

Michael’s unique symptoms and personality pointed to the remedy Natrum sulphuricum. Within a few weeks of taking this remedy, Michael reported feeling more inspired and found it easier to get out of bed or talk to clients. The frequency of colds and headaches reduced gradually. Within a few months of taking this remedy, Michael enrolled in courses to pursue his dream of becoming a life coach.

Get Your Mojo Back
Prolonged periods of negative thinking, negative emotions, and life stresses can rob us of our motivation or ‘mojo.’ Homeopathic remedies can bring it back.
A homeopath’s task is to assess and determine each patient’s essence, or the core issues that contributed to the loss of their ‘mojo.’ Being stuck in a rut has a different trigger for everyone. The homeopathic remedy is always tailored to the individual’s reactions to life events, their personality type, and physical symptoms combined. If you’re searching for the motivation to take the next steps to move your life forward, homeopathy may hold the answer.

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