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Author: Merrithew Entertainment
Publisher: Merrithew Entertainment
Publish Date: 2012

When considering exercise equipment, towels don’t usually come to mind. However, an ordinary towel measuring 3 or 4 feet can be an excellent aid in stability, flexibility and mobility training. Not only are towels inexpensive and readily available, they are surprisingly effective and versatile. Discover how this simple household item can make a distinct difference in a wide range of exercises targeting the muscles and joints in the entire body in a terrific exercise DVD from Merrithew Entertainment, The Pilates Towel Workout.

With a lovely, bright studio as backdrop, the founder of the Stott Pilates Method, Moira Stott Merrithew, demonstrates the movements along with Pilates instructor, Patricia Hernandez. Their execution is flawless and the camera work excellent. Combined, they give the viewer a precise and eye-pleasing illustration of how to execute each exercise safely and efficiently.

The Pilates Towel Workout is aimed at beginners and the pace and level of difficulty for each exercise fully supports this rating. There are 34 exercises included, each clearly named, and with smooth transitions between them, making for a nicely flowing workout. If you are new to Pilates, the DVD includes an introduction of the five basic principles of the Stott Pilates Method. When you feel ready for the workout without the audio cuing, there is a music-only option available.

You’ll be shown correct body alignment, breathing and towel positioning, as well as common mistakes made and how to avoid them. Another real plus in this video is the clear explanation of the goal of each exercise: head nods to relax upper neck, arm windmills to release and stretch, etc.
While I found the workout to be excellently produced, I believe the sub-title ‘For Strength and Mobility’ is somewhat misleading. While joint and muscle mobility are clearly addressed, focused strength training is not. There is very little instruction to use resistance with the towel as in isometric exercises, which would increase strength. Moreover, each exercise only includes four repetitions; lessening the possibility of increasing muscle strength to any great degree. It might have been more accurate, then, to include ‘flexibility’ or ‘stability’ in the title rather than ‘strength’.

Stott Pilates is built on the philosophy of intelligent exercise, profound results. They deliver in their Pilates Towel Workout. If some of your fitness goals include keeping joints healthy, muscles supple, improving blood circulation and facing each day loose and limber rather than tight and tense, then this workout provides an effective and responsible approach to achieve them.

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