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Author: Victoria Lorient – Faibish MEd, CCC, BCPP, RPE
Publisher: Massenergy Press
Publish Date: 2014


“Depression and anxiety are at an all time high right now, but there is a paradigm shift going on”, says noted holistic psychotherapist Victoria Lorient – Faibish MEd, CCC, BCPP, RPE.

Victoria launches her new book, Find Your “Self-Culture”, Moving from Depression And Anxiety to Monumental Self-Acceptance.

Lorient-Faibish draws on a wide range of philosophies and modalities applying her own concept of “self-culture” to help individuals move past depression and anxiety. “This book is a way for me to reach a wide audience of people who are dealing with anxiety and depression and are not able to see me in person at the office,” says Lorient-Faibish. With her proven protocols and techniques, described in her book, she assists clients and others discover their authentic selves and create the lives they were meant to live.

This book, a work of passion beginning in 2007, started with recording videos, now numbering over 80, on YouTube – – related to her practice. There are now over 370,000 views. The transcribed videos became the foundation for the chapters in this book.

“The hunger to find one’s self-culture continues to be a key for people who are on a quest for self-love and happiness,” says Lorient-Faibish. “If you have not yet found your self-culture—your authentic, instinctive self—you are not living the life the Universe intends for you, and you may be entrenched in a cycle of unhappiness, guilt, negativity, and anxiety.”

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