SACRED JOURNEYS: Awakening and Transformation

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The astrologers are saying that this is the year we will see the evolution of the world. This is the year that all things broken will crumble and requires some creative new forms and structures.

This is the year we will decide that pushing a huge rock up an insurmountable hill is an unhealthy struggle, and opt instead for a completely new mode of expressing energy together.

This is a year of unrest in the streets of the world, focused on an old inherited patriarchy that serves a few. This is going to be the year of the 100th monkey, when we awaken together from the dream turned nightmare, and find another way.

These words are shared with confidence because of Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction in Capricorn that took place on Jan. 12, 2020. A highly anticipated event in astrology, it last happened 500 years ago and inspired the Protestant reformation. At that time, Christian mass and the Bible were in Latin, a language of priests and the highly educated. The reformation was the uprising of the masses who translated it into the language of the commoner, ending a long hierarchy of privilege.

This time, the 2020 conjunction in Capricorn will expose the ways that an institution (Saturn) suppresses, judges, lies, or controls and transforms that institution (Pluto) into something that reflects community, inclusion, truth-telling, and love. It is a year that will accommodate institutions finding a higher frequency.

All structures and systems are represented by Saturn. Pluto is the energy of birth, death, and rebirth, and because this is all being influenced by their placement in Capricorn, this revolution will play out in all our patriarchal systems. So, we will see the authority of banks, governments, and corporations transformed.

This conjunction on January 12 is already showing itself, and it is just days old as I write. Iranians are in the streets of Tehran protesting the missile attack by their government on the commercial Ukrainian flight. The citizens are not all blindly supporting their government, but rather ‘compelled’ to shout about what is broken and needs to be transformed. Likewise, regardless of how you view the monarchy, a prince has just chosen to disobey the sovereign and follow his heart in order to protect his family from a predatory and bigoted British media. Previously, disobeying the sovereign has meant charges of treason, imprisonment, and even death. These are simple examples of the changes we will see in how people interact with traditional authority.

Many of us can agree that the system is not working “for the good of all” anymore, and requires deep radical change. This is the year we witness real change. While the world may appear to be falling apart, it is only what’s broken that will be crumbling. Keep in mind also that by November 2020 we will begin to see all manner of wonderful solutions that have been waiting in the wings to find the massive support they have needed, launching a truly creative and healing period.

There are still many people who believe the dream that promises if you push a rock up-hill you will eventually reach the top, where life is good. Unfortunately, those same people are working longer hours but less able to reduce the weight of their debt. Imagine the fear and shock as they awaken to an understanding that their whole worldview has become untenable.

This is the year we get pushed hard enough that even the most complacent will share this discontent. When we share our discontent en masse, we will shift the nature of authoritarian structures. These will be our ‘100th monkey’ moments.

Big change will be frightening to many people so we may find ourselves helping each other negotiate the emotional and challenging waters ahead. This is the kind of fundamental change our present planetary conjunction is promising. This will be a good time to be a coach, facilitator, healer or teacher helping others ‘respond creatively’ rather than ‘react fearfully.’ How we move through it is up to us.

All of this planetary activity is really about holding more light, and raising our frequency. I love the image of the opera singer singing a high note and how, at its purest point, it breaks glass. Likewise, I think that we are naturally wanting to raise our vibrations, individually and collectively, and it requires replacing forms/systems that no longer express or facilitate who we are now.

This is the year we increase the choices and frequencies available to us. This is the year we upgrade and rewrite our collective operating systems.

By visualizing the change you would like to see, you can participate in the coming changes, rather than feel a victim of them. What is pressing on you? What drives you crazy? I would like to see us collectively own and steward our natural resources. I would like an end to compound interest and national debt. I would like a shift from war machines to international peacekeeping collectives. What would make your heart sing?

This is the year we awaken to each other. This is the year we finally find ourselves floating to the top.


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  1. B
    April 20, 13:22 Bev

    As I read this on April 20th it couldn’t be more right on point!! I truly hope the powerful will see the importance of less greed and more love, more common sense is required for the greater good!! Peace, not fear is need to lead the world. Togetherness, acceptance non judgment is required. You said it well.

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  2. HM
    May 03, 16:27 HM

    Love this article! It is time for a global awakening and a raising of our collective vibrations! Thank-you!

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  3. D
    May 29, 03:59 Devin McCrossan

    Awesome article.

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