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Bee Mana, an anti-aging formula known as Royal Jelly, is believed to hold the secret to youth.

Ancient Superfood from the Hive – and its Magical Qualities

~ by Dawn Vickery

Bees have been around since time immemorial, but we may have lost touch with the magical nutrients that these insects bring to humans.

Bee Mana, also known as royal jelly, is believed to hold the secret to youth – not only as an anti-aging formula, but to actually reverse the aging process. It is also known to revive the sexual powers of both men and women. In the book Master Herbalist – Healing From the Hive, Rita Elkins states that royal jelly may be considered a complete therapeutic agent, providing excellent supplementation to diet and exercise.

Royal jelly is approximately 12% protein, 12% carbohydrate, contains 17 amino acids, and is rich in natural hormones and B vitamins (including B-12). Royal jelly has 16% aspartic acid, essential for proper tissue growth and regeneration. Included in royal jelly’s array are precursors to DHEA, as well as DHEA itself – both well-known anti-aging hormones that help to modulate and restore exhausted adrenal function. It also contains choline, inositol, and acetylcholine – powerful substances that nourish and increase brain functioning.

Royal jelly also contains PABA, an amino acid shown to increase fertility in women who consistently have it in their diet for six months or more. The active compounds found in this amazing substance help to normalize and regulate all body functions and systems. As professional athletes can attest, the result is increased vitality – physical and mental.

The reason that royal jelly is considered a ‘longevity’ food: independent lab analysis has confirmed it contains a huge assortment of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (including royalsin, found only in royal jelly), and antioxidant compounds, as well as human active vitamin B-12.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, royal jelly is considered a ‘yin jing’ tonic, which helps to generate and nourish the storing and captive energy of the body (primarily the kidney system). Royal jelly directly affects the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, marrow, and reproductive organs, as well as the hormonal centres (adrenals).

Royal jelly has been known to stimulate the adrenal glands and metabolism in a safe and natural way, providing increased energy and recovery from fatigue, and enhancing sexual capabilities.

Royal jelly can also help regulate the burning of fat.  In his book To Your Best Health, Naturally, James A. Devlin, PhD writes, “In the 1960s, a Polish researcher discovered that royal jelly can normalize metabolic function. What this means is that royal jelly can prevent the regular user from becoming too fat or too skinny because of a metabolism that is out of whack.”

Because fresh royal jelly spoils easily, Bee Mana is now being made available in an organic, cold temperature, vacuum dried powder. This delicate process ensures that it retains the same enzymes, amino acids, and potency as royal jelly fresh from the hive. In each five-ounce jar you will have over 16 ounces (one pound!) of fresh royal jelly concentrated in an easy-to-use form that is by far the most amazing ingredient for your smoothies, chocolates, and tonics!

Bee Mana dehydrated royal jelly is available exclusively at The Big Carrot Wholistic Dispensary, 320 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.

For questions or more information, contact Francis Ashwagandha. M.H. via email, or call (416) 466-8432.

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