Quantum Detoxification Cleans Cells at the Deepest Level

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by Chiew Yi Tay and Gilbert Tay

We are pleased to report that this century has seen a significant breakthrough in using Quantum Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Whole Body Quantum Detoxification using the 5 Elements Theory.

Two significant features of Quantum Technique are:
1) Micro particles and high-frequency energy waves.
2) Quantum micro-particles are no bigger than 10 to the negative power of 15. They can freely enter the cells without any traces. Quantum itself is a high-frequency energy wave of billions of vibrations per second.

Every healthy cell has a fixed vibration; so do the organs which are composed of cells. Each energy wave has a fixed frequency. The high frequency vibration energy wave which has the same frequency with a particular organ or cell can generate conduction and resonance after entering the body via special carrier (in this case, the TCM herbs) to strip the toxic scales in the internal organs as it vibrates.

To utilize this technology, we use the following steps:
First Step: The magnetized energy waves are pressed to generate a resonance, and the toxic scale deposits on the cell membranes are constantly stripped.
Second Step: The ion channels are gradually permeated, and the herbal solution compositions rapidly enter the cells, thus supplementing the cells’ energy.
Third Step: The cells’ inherent frequencies are gradually restored, and the toxic scale deposits on the cells’ interior and exterior membranes are purified.
Fourth Step: The magnetized waves continue to function (for 120 days) within the cells with restored activities, thus enhancing the human health in an all-rounded way.

The effective contents in the Herbal Series can directly strip toxic deposits on the cellular surfaces, permeate the cells’ deep-layer detoxification channels, so that the delicate herbal detoxification essence can enter the cells, swiftly eliminate the deep-layer toxic deposits inside the cells, thus making the cells clean internally and externally, and thus metabolism of the cells are restored, and vitality enhanced.

About the authors:

With a Doctorate in TCM & Energetic Medicine, Gilbert Tay is the pioneer in integrating the Whole Body Quantum Detoxification in his practice. He will be conducting a FREE Seminar to share his experiences and show you how you can also do the same for your patients/clients. Gilbert Tay is practising in Mississauga, while Chiew Yi Tay is practising in Oakville.

Contact: Dicksern Health Care Centre, 752 Envoy Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5W1H3  Tel: 905 696 9188. Email: Chiew Yi Tay, chiew_yi@yahoo.ca, Gilbert Tay, gilbertkctay@yahoo.ca

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