IN MEMORIAM: Tamara Penn 1942 – 2020

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“Tamara was real, authentic, genuine, and loving. She was not only a mother and grandmother, she was mother earth herself. She loved and cared for all who passed her way, and many are who they are today because of Tamara.”

Vitality magazine staff were saddened to learn recently that Tamara Penn, a long-time member of our health community, had passed away on January 23rd after an extended illness. She was a vivacious and spunky woman, an expert health practitioner, always full of laughter and good cheer. She will be missed by many friends, patients, and colleagues. Here is a eulogy written by her friend Lynne Jenkins. Julia Woodford

“For centuries the bright stars in the sky have been the guide and compass that people follow on their journeys because the travellers just had to look up and the bright stars were still constant, comforting, always there. In our lifetime we meet thousands of people on our path. Some are like those bright, shiny stars that sparkle so strong they make others look dull in comparison. Tamara was like one of those stars, and once you met her you would not forget her.
When I met Tamara, I didn’t know that she would be the one who not only saved my life, but changed my life for the better. I am bipolar, and the medical profession had prescribed so many drugs I was like a zombie.
I had just about given up when someone told me about a Rebirther named Tamara. I went to her for some sessions and ended up doing so much healing that I was able to discontinue all of my drug prescriptons. I also changed my eye glasses three times for lesser prescriptions within a very short period of time. She was the no-nonsense parent I never had. She was wise, loving, firm, and challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before. She was the bright star in the sky that was always there, and could always be counted on. She was my mentor, my guide, my friend, and my associate.
I was so impressed by Tamara, and how natural and creative she was that I went with her to California and trained to be a Rebirther. I came back and quit a stable government job and set myself up to be a Rebirther. Thanks to Tamara and her guidance, that was when my life began.
Tamara was not like other people.Her energy when you first met her would bowl you over. Tamara loved life and was always looking for natural ways to heal herself and others. She was not only a Master Rebirther but also an expert in Bach Flower Remedies.
Tamara had charisma and character the likes of which are not common and she could charm the socks off of anyone. I think the greatest compliment I can give Tamara is to say she was real, authentic, genuine, and loving. She was not only a mother and grandmother, she was mother earth herself and a universal mother.
Words are inadequate to describe this gifted woman and how she helped to raise the consciousness of this world and those she helped along the way.
Tamara faced her illness with such grace and dignity it was a true inspiration. She did not feel sorry for herself, was not angry or even depressed. She took it all in her stride and met each daily issue with good humour and acceptance. One day, Tamara took my face in her hands and began singing “I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places,” which took me by surprise as this was a song that had been sung in an adjoining room when my mother was passing away. It was then I understood that there are things that we do not understand and that there is a force greater than us guiding our lives and looking after us. And yes, dear Tamara, I will be seeing you.
Lynne Jenkins

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