Echinacea: A Natural Remedy Gains Scientific Sanction

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Echinacea: A Natural Remedy Gains Scientific SanctionThe world’s largest echinacea study has validated the efficacy and safety of Echinaforce® in prevention of cold and influenza. Scientists at the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences have recently completed the world’s largest clinical study on Echinacea purpurea.

Long vaunted as a natural remedy for cold and flu, some have recently questioned its efficacy – particularly as newer, cheaper and less concentrated formulations have flooded the market. This study set out to establish once and for all the short- and long-term effects of Echinacea on cold and influenza viruses.

The conclusions were clear – the use of a properly formulated Echinacea formula (Echinaforce® by A.Vogel) resulted in the following:
•    Fewer colds
•    Reduced duration of cold symptoms
•    Less reliance on synthetic pain-relievers containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen

In addition, the study showed that Echinaforce® could be taken daily for up to four months to prevent colds without adverse side effects or rebound symptoms.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled study unequivocally demonstrates that Echinaforce® is effective both in the prevention and treatment of colds and flu and that it is safe even for long-term use. In particular, Echinaforce® offers much-needed support to those whose immune systems may be depleted from stress, insufficient sleep or smoking.

Colds and influenza are the most frequent illnesses in the Western world. Their toll on the economy – through absences and lost productivity – is heavy, especially during the autumn and winter months when almost everyone is exposed to at least a few bugs.

The fact that there are more than 200 known influenza viruses, with more being discovered every year, means that tailoring the treatment to the disease is futile. Instead, the best offence is a good defence – strengthening the body’s immune system to resist many types of infections. This is where Echinacea purpurea and Echinaforce® in particular are able to shine.

A strong immune resistance is a prerequisite for good health. Echinaforce® echinacea products provide effective and safe immune support throughout the whole winter season – it’s been proven.

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    July 11, 21:19 dordle

    As newer, cheaper, and less concentrated formulations have flooded the market, some have recently questioned the efficacy of this long-heralded natural remedy for colds and flu.

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