Flower Power for Pets – Bach Flower Remedies Can Heal Cats and Dogs

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Sue Becker is a Bach Flower practitioner and Animal Communicator

During a recent conversation, Georgina gleefully read me an email she had received from her neighbour who had taken his family and small dog on a road trip to Florida for vacation. The problem was that their dog was terrified of rain, and storms were forecast all the way to their destination!

Before they left, Georgina had suggested they pick up a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy© for little Simon. Although skeptical, they did exactly that and on arrival reported that he was relaxed for most of the trip. They were delighted because Simon had held this fear for many years. “Thank you so much for helping us!” their email read.

Oscar was a rescued cat who came from a background of many challenges and abuse. Even after two years of loving care from Jackie, he was still too fearful to walk into the middle of a room and instead slunk around hugging the walls. He hid from visitors and was terrified when Jackie vacuumed. She called me about three months after our consult. “Oscar is doing great! His fear seems to be gone. He’s not so scared of people now, or even of the vacuum cleaner!” What magic potion made the difference for Oscar? Not magic, but the wonders of nature in the form of Bach Flower Remedies©.

Energies from England

The 38 Bach Remedies are derived from the energies, or life force, of non-toxic flowers of wild plants and trees (and one is from pure, healing waters). They were developed by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), a respected medical doctor, surgeon and researcher who lived in England. Dr. Bach believed all illness and emotional imbalance to be the result of negative mental and emotional states, and he spent a lifetime searching for a gentle, effective way to balance emotions and bring harmony to our being at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

Dr. Bach eventually treated all his patients exclusively with his Remedies – with very positive results. The Remedies work well for animals too, and Dr. Bach used them with his own animal friends.

The 38 Remedies are safe and easy to select and administer. Their effectiveness has been documented for over 85 years. It’s a simple system and anyone can use it with confidence. Bach Remedies are well known globally and Rescue Remedy© is the best selling natural stress reliever in the world – now even sold in supermarkets. They should be diluted when used with animals.

Bach Remedies for Cats

When seven-week-old kitten Flash joined our family, adult cat Aleysha definitely had a problem! She ran away whenever Flash tried to make friends with her. Willow, the Bach Remedy for resentment, made all the difference. The very same day that Aleysha started on Willow, she and Flash played tag and chased each other joyfully up and down their scratching posts. Results sometimes can really be that dramatic!

Not every case shifts as quickly. Grey Persian, Sugar, was not a lap cat! Sugar’s person, Melanie, felt that Sugar was missing out on so much love and affection. Water Violet was chosen for this male cat’s aloofness; he took a dilution of four drops, four times daily, placed on a treat for about three months. Gradually, Sugar came around – he started to sleep on Melanie’s bed at night, and then started asking for stroking and snuggles. Now that Sugar is feeling more social, the Remedy is no longer needed.

Dogs, Too!

Millie is a smart, vivacious four-year-old bulldog. In the past, Millie had liked to do things her way, didn’t listen well, and was constantly seeking the limelight. She jumped up on people and could be over-exuberant with other dogs. She wore her person, Jennifer, out.

I suggested a special blend of Bach Flowers for Millie: Vervain for over-enthusiasm, Impatiens for impatience, Heather for attention-seeking neediness and Chicory for wanting her own way. Millie was on the Remedies for about six weeks.

Jennifer reported lots of improvement – Millie listens better now and even the neighbors have commented how she has calmed down. As a result, Jennifer gives Millie more freedom – definitely a win-win situation.

Specific Emotions

Each of the 38 Remedies provides a specific positive energy which cancels out a negative emotion or mental state.

Here are indications for a few of them:

  • Aspen addresses unexplained anxieties and provides a sense of security.
  • Chicory is for those who are possessive and territorial, perhaps clingy, wanting attention and liking things to be done their way.
  • Mimulus provides courage to sensitive, shy souls subject to specific fears like that of strangers or loud noises.
  • Walnut protects from the influence of others and also helps animals ease their way through new situations and change.
  • Star of Bethlehem is the great healer and is always appropriate for animals with a background of abuse, neglect, or from rescue situations.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a blend of five remedies selected by Dr. Bach to deal with stress of any intensity:

  • Star of Bethlehem,  for healing after-effects of shock, trauma, grief;
  • Clematis which provides grounding;
  • Impatiens for soothing of agitation/irritation;
  • Rock Rose for calming of terror and panic;
  • Cherry Plum to strengthen self-control.

Rescue Remedy is helpful for pets when travelling, going to the vet, during thunderstorms and any other situation upsetting to them. Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies are wonderful helpers for pets and their people everywhere and can be found in most health food stores.

Sue Becker is an animal communicator and consultant for animal wellness in Kitchener, Ontario. She is also a Tellington TTouch Practitioner and Bach Flower Practitioner for animals and for humans. Call 519-896-2600 or email suebecker@cyg.net to contact Sue for consultation or workshop schedule. Visit: www.suebecker.net


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    Wow, this is such a heartwarming story! It’s incredible how Bach Flower Remedies© can have such a positive impact on our furry friends. Georgina’s neighbor’s experience with little Simon and his fear of rain is truly inspiring. It’s a testament to the power of natural remedies in helping our pets overcome their fears and anxieties.

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