EarthCalm Quantum Cell Phone Protector Propels DNA Energies

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~ by Liala Epstein

A March 2014 study by Dr. Glen Rein on a test of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell (QC) Phone Protector showed it transforms harmful cell phone radiation into a beneficial supercharger of human DNA function. When the EarthCalm QC was attached to an actively radiating cell phone, DNA energy flow (conductivity) was fully released from the crippling grip of cell phone radiation, and it continued ascending to 35% above pre-radiation normal levels.

Adding the EarthCalm QC to an activated cell phone changed the quality of the cell phone radiation, making it no longer harmful to DNA, and it produced an overall 100% increase in DNA energy flow. Studies on DNA conductivity indicate this increasing DNA conductivity boosts and directly supports the DNA’s ability to engineer healthy cells.

According to EarthCalm’s inventor, Jean Gallick, the results of Dr. Rein’s study indicate it is healthier to use an electromagnetic field (EMF) emitting device (ie. cell phone, wireless router) with EarthCalm protection in use, than it is to avoid using those devices.

EarthCalm offers a range of products for protection inside and outside the home, and when using personal EMF emitting devices.

More information on EarthCalm’s product line is available at, or call (416) 222-2368, or 1-888-993-9123.

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    May 10, 01:34 Eliza Beth

    Best EMF Protection for the up-close exposure of your cell phone and other wireless devices. The Earth Calm Quantum Cell works on any wireless device, any size, even if you use a protective case.

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