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I treat these gems as medicinal truffles because they are definitely a ‘sweet’, and yet they deliver the medicinal benefits of herbs. Be sure to use organic ingredients. I recommend taking two or three power balls every day. (Makes 4 dozen... Read more »

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Here’s a popular Indian curry that is so economical, your family will never have to know they’re eating a super thrifty meal! I like to cook my chickpeas (as they are known in English, or garbanzo beans in Spanish) from the dried state as in the... Read more »

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It is often said that “no two dals are ever the same” and in my house, they never are, for I often add bits of carrots, turnips, cauliflower, and other vegetables lingering in the crisper, along with the onion and garlic for added flavour. Makes... Read more »

Spicy Dals are often served with a topping of roasted mustard seeds or sautéed onions

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Dal made from lentils and pulses is a number one staple dish in the cuisine of India (as well as Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh). The varieties of dried beans and peas used in dal make it a high source of protein; thus it can take the... Read more »

Indian-style Mixed Vegetable Platter with Seeds

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This colourful, low-fat meal is so versatile, you never have to serve the same platter twice! For endless variety, try mixing and matching broccoli florets, sliced parsnip, cubed turnip, and sliced okra with the vegetables used in the version... Read more »

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