Top 10 Best Websites That Can Help You Improve Yourself

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Self-improvement is the best investment of your time. If you don’t know where to begin, this list of top-10 websites will help

High school, college, and other forms of formal education do not equip us with the skills necessary to survive in this crazy world. Luckily, there are plenty of self-help websites that provide information, guidance, and feedback for anyone in search of learning and self-improvement. Students don’t have to ask a question – Can I pay someone to do my homework? They can easily cope with the challenging assignments thanks to helpful websites.

Today we share our list of ten sites worth adding to your favorites and visiting once in a while.


One of the largest online learning platforms offers classes on everything from data science and software engineering to teaching English. The payment options are ever-changing, but you can audit most courses free of charge, and financial help is available if you are serious about learning. You can even get your Master’s through Coursera!


With short hands-on lessons, Skillshare is much more accessible and enjoyable if you want to learn a new skill quickly. There are classes on a variety of subjects, and you can watch any number of them after paying a modest subscription fee.


The third and final self-improvement website on our list that offers classes is Udemy. It falls somewhere between Coursera and Skillshare when it comes to course duration and variety. There are plenty of reviews to help you make your choice, though you’ll have to pay for every class you wish to take.

Think Simple Now

Whether you wish to find calm, motivation, mindfulness, or clarity, this blog is happy to provide. Enjoy beautiful and insightful posts and powerful quotes.

The Positivity Blog

You won’t find a better place to get your daily dose of optimism and positive thinking. Henrik Edberg started writing for his blog in 2006, and it’s still full of motivational quotes and helpful advice.

Wait But Why

Tim Urban’s blog with updates “every sometimes” is not a personal development website per se. Still, it’s full of exciting pieces on all things, including procrastination, artificial intelligence, time, Elon Musk, and more. Get ready to get your mind blown and ingest in small quantities.

TED Talks

Enjoy compelling presentations on activism, technology, society, health, and a variety of other topics. You’ll get inspired to learn more when presented with the best and brightest speakers from across the world.


Reading is the cheapest and quickest way to improve yourself, and Goodreads is the place to look for the best self-help literature. Reviews and ratings are there to guide your selection, and you can always give back to the community by sharing your opinions.


There is more to YouTube than funny cat videos and recipes. Subscribe to the channels for self-improvement, and you will get a fresh batch of inspiration every day. Start with TED Talks, Big Think, ASAP Science, and similar channels if you have no idea what you want to learn. Premium subscription will let you get away from ads, and it’s well worth the money.

If you don’t have time for self-improvement between college classes and your job, professional help is in order. All you need to do is say, “Write my statistics homework for me,” and this company will find the perfect expert for the job. There are other writing services worth giving a try. You may wonder – is it reliable? Yes, it is also a trustworthy and reliable online helper. In order to do the right choice of an academic helper, it is better to look through best paper writing service reviews by students first.

Have you heard about any of these self-improvement sites besides YouTube? Which ones do you like best? Feel free to share your favorites, there can’t be too much self-help information to go around!


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    In this article, you have provided a number of websites that can help you improve yourself. Some of these websites offer advice on various topics, while others provide educational resources. Still others offer a community where you can interact with other people who are striving for self-improvement. Whichever route you choose, by taking the time to improve yourself, you can justify the effort. Thank you for a great article!

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