Thread Lift – Everything You Need to Know

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Modern aesthetic medicine is living its best life in 2020. The variety of treatments is impressive and is enriched every day. Facelifting, HIFU, microneedling, thread lift – choose whatever you’d like. And, as the thread lift technique is becoming very popular among people these days, let’s discuss it in more detail for better understanding.

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a procedure that helps to lift and sculpt the form of your face and breasts. Temporary stitches are used to make a delicate but noticeable lift of the skin. Instead of the surgery where you can “remove” extra skin, lifting is aimed to stitch up some parts of it, pull the skin back a little and hitch it up.

Besides, threads battle with aging in one more way. Stitches wake up a “healing response” in the body, and it starts to excrete a large flow of collagen to the treated parts. Collagen is essential for our appearance, as it makes the skin firmer and more elastic. But with passing years, our bodies produce it less and less, and as a result the skin grows floppier as gravity pulls it down and stretches it. That’s where all the wrinkles and lines come from.

So, the lifting treatment increases the amount of collagen in the body and provokes skin rejuvenation and visible perfection of its tone and firmness. How does it work?

The threads, placed under your skin during the procedure, send signals to your brain that foreign objects are present there. The brain wants to heal the area automatically; that is why the body starts producing more collagen. But don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt because stitches are so tiny you can’t really feel them.

Who Should Choose a Thread Lift?

For the last few years, this procedure became vastly popular among the connoisseurs of beauty treatments. Mostly because it doesn’t demand surgery to lift saggy skin and get rid of wrinkles. It would be perfect for anyone who wants to bring back the tightness of the loose skin and make their face look young and refreshed – all without the need to go under the knife. Moreover, the threads can be used not only on the face but on the neck too.

Speaking of age, the average age of the patients who choose this treatment is 35 and above. The procedure is suitable for those with saggy skin and/or a turkey neck, who wants to get rid of wrinkles and lines in the forehead, cheeks, and neck. Some surgeons undertake eyelid lifting as well as some other parts of the body.

The slight improvement is visible right after the thread lift treatment, and it gets more distinct within a few days. The effect lasts from 1 to 3 years (depending on the peculiarity of your body).

Thread Lift vs. Facelifting. What’s the difference?

People confuse thread lifting and face lifting quite often. Thread lift doesn’t have such a dramatic result as facelifting. It also lasts for a shorter time, while face lifting keeps its result for many years. However, if something goes wrong during face lifting, all you can do is have another complicated procedure, whereas with threads, you just need to wait for them to dissolve. And don’t forget that threads are much cheaper, and the recovery process is a lot faster. So remember that when choosing the procedure!


Due to the fact that the beauty industry comes up with something new almost every day, people can confuse some things and skip important details. If you are interested in taking care of yourself, and prolonging your youthful look for years, consider threads as an option. Compared to other procedures, it is painless, effective, and suitable almost for everybody. Of course, consult with a doctor before the procedure and impress everyone with your refreshed, younger-looking skin after!

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