The Truth About Karmic and Horary Astrology

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There are countless valuable lessons that the universe can teach us, but it is important to know where to look for them. Our dedicated astrologers have spent years exploring the vastness of the cosmos and have remarkable experience in interpreting astrological charts. Can you explain what horary and karmic astrology entails?

Karmic astrology is a form of astrology followed by people who believe in the concepts of reincarnation and karma. By studying karmic astrology, you can get insight into your current life by exploring the experiences of your previous lives. If you face positive or negative karma, you can use karmic astrology to examine your previous life experiences.

By examining your past experiences, you can understand what actions you may have taken to deserve the consequences you now face. Your actions can be considered to evaluate the karmic consequences you will experience. However, it is important to note that karmic astrology does not aim to predict future events.

Horary astrology, an age-old method of interpreting horoscopes used by experts from nebula horoscope & astrology, involves answering questions by creating a horoscope based on the exact time the question was posed.

Horary astrology is a branch that does not require birth dates or birth charts to provide information. In the past, obtaining someone’s birth details was often difficult, so astrologers used techniques that focused on the present moment. Horary astrology primarily addresses current issues in a person’s life, but it can also be used to gain insights into the future. The responses given by the astrologer are based on the current positions of the planets, stars, and other celestial objects.

How Does Horary Astrology Work?

Unlike traditional astrology based on birth charts, Horary astrology offers fast and straightforward answers. If you’re curious about meeting a special person, these specialized astrologers can pinpoint the exact time and place it will likely occur. Rather than delving into the past, they concentrate on the present moment. Their expertise in readings comes from an in-depth understanding of celestial bodies, surpassing others in this field.

The system of karma about planets is categorized into five distinct parts. For example,

THE SUN:  Your life’s purpose will be uncovered by the sun, as well as your vulnerabilities, anxieties, and mindsets.

THE MOON: The moon symbolizes your history; using this signal, you can address and find solutions for any remaining problems you might have.

SATURN: Saturn is the celestial force that determines the positive and negative outcomes of one’s life based on their actions and choices.

RAHU: The existence of Karma can be attributed to the planet Rahu.

KETU: Also known as the spiritual planet, Ketu is believed to help one lead a more positive and constructive lifestyle.

How to Maintain the Karmic Balance?

Understanding karmic astrology can lead to an improved existence. Striving to become the most authentic and fulfilled version of yourself in this lifetime will ultimately result in a satisfying reincarnated life. It is important to have a genuine desire to take positive actions and contribute to the betterment of the world.

One must not attempt to deceive karma, as it has a natural mechanism for restoring balance in this disorderly world. It is extremely important to follow the principles of karma to be in a favorable position. With psychic chat online on ask nebula you can deal with any problem in your romantic relationships, our experts will help uncover the cosmic workings destined for your future.

Let’s talk about astrology, its techniques, and possibilities for you.

Horary Astrology

In a horary astrology reading, practitioners can use various house systems, but the Regiomontanus system is widely favored.

Horary astrologers disregard recently discovered planets, stars, or asteroids, and only focus on the seven visible celestial bodies. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not taken into account in a horary astrology reading. Supporters of the more contemporary approach to astrology assert that those who adhere to the traditional method are neglecting important elements of information.

Certain Horary astrologers may employ the traditional method and take into account the recently discovered celestial bodies. Among these, the moon is of utmost importance in the horary chart, as it provides a comprehensive overview of one’s energy and situation.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of astrology is used, to get literate answers, it is important to ask the appropriate questions.

You should not:

  • Ask about the past.
  • Ask a question about a topic you are already knowledgeable about.
  • Ask yes or no questions.
  • Ask about someone else/third party.
  • Ask questions after three months.

Choosing psychic reading online free you can get help with any aspect of your life that you seek guidance. There is a lot of knowledge to discover about your future, so begin this way with astrologers and psychic readers you can rely on.

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