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Runny nose, cough, sore throat, sneezing, headache… cough and cold season is back! Just like the rest of the family, your child is not spared from these small ailments that come around at each change of season. Why is cough and cold so frequent during this time of the year and how do we relieve these symptoms?

Certainly, these times of the year are particularly risky for little ones. When temperatures are mild, as they are between summer and fall, viruses multiply and spread rapidly. In the summer, it’s the coronavirus and the rhinovirus which are the two main culprits of these pesky colds!

And when the season changes from summer to fall and then winter, a child’s body can be weakened. In the transition from summer to winter, the days become shorter and the sunshine is dramatically reduced. Your child has to adapt to this new rhythm and therefore may be less resistant to the numerous viruses that multiply around us.

In short, changes of seasons are periods during which your child’s body needs a boost to ward off these small ailments. For this, some good habits are to be put in place…

Tip #1– First of all, encourage your child to spend time outdoors. The natural light will help their body to adopt the right rhythm.

Tip #2 – Next, do not neglect physical activity. To keep fit, have your child practice physical activity daily.

Tip #3 – Let them get a good night’s sleep. Up to age 13, 10 hours of sleep are recommended.

Tip #4 – Focus on the benefits of food, by preparing a variety of healthy and balanced meals.

Tip #5 – Finally, food supplements for children are a must during changes of seasons. They will help your child strengthen their immune system and thus better defend themselves against viruses.

Natural remedies to soothe symptoms of cough and cold

In spite of all these good habits, it is possible that colds and coughs invade your child’s immune system at this time of year. These small ailments will normally disappear after a few days. However, although benign, a cold is often difficult to bear! If you want to soothe your child naturally, several options are available for you:

Throat Ease Syrup: This homeopathic formula works to calm pain, irritation and inflammation. It also eliminates difficulty swallowing, and relieves hoarseness.

if your child has a stuffy nose, cannot clear the nasal passages and has a wet cough, Herbal Cough & Cold Syrup is ideal for these symptoms. It contains Ivy leaf, a natural expectorant.


In case of influenza: if your little one complains of aches, fever and cough, Day Syrup and Night Syrup are the remedies you’ll need! For round the clock action, they will relieve these symptoms naturally and help your child sleep better.

This complete line of homeopathic remedies by Homeocan has been especially formulated for children 0-12 years of age. The great tasting syrups and their practical format are essential in your medicine cabinet!

Of course, these natural remedies do not replace a visit to your family doctor if needed. They can be taken alone or to complement a traditional medical treatment.

Thirty years ago, pharmacy graduate Michèle Boisvert founded Homeocan. Today, Homeocan is the largest Canadian natural remedies company with a state-of-the-art laboratory based in Montreal. Homeocan’s mission is to produce and distribute natural remedies for the health needs of the whole family, even our four-legged friends with HomeoVet. For more information or to order any of their products, visit:

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