Pros and Cons of Living in Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta is a cultural hub where many people with countless backgrounds and lived experiences get together.  Walking through the streets, you can see the diversity through numerous shop fronts, endless delicious restaurants, and just listening to all of the different languages that are being spoken.

Unfortunately not everything about this city is perfect. So if you’re considering looking at houses for rent in Atlanta, GA, and aren’t sure what to expect: these are the biggest pros and cons about the city.

The Traffic Is a Pain

The traffic in Atlanta is some of the worst in the country.  The average commuter loses eighty-two hours on top of their commute time every year to congestion.  Gridlock and slow traffic are a norm for many who live here, and although you get used to it over time, it’s still incredibly frustrating to live with. In addition, this isn’t a great city to learn how to drive in because it has issues with people speeding, constantly breaking traffic laws, and putting others in danger’s way.

Warmer Winters Are Great

Although there’s the occasional snowfall, most winters in Atlanta are warmer and more comfortable than in more northern states.  In Atlanta, you can often get away with shorts as late as November and just a hoodie and jeans for most of the winter.  This means you get to avoid a lot of ice and freezing temperatures, all while living in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

The Summers Are Unbelievable

Unfortunately, the summers are payment for the mild winters.  Summers in Atlanta are hot but worse than that; they’re incredibly humid and uncomfortable.  This means that you’ll never fully feel dry after you get out of the shower because a small mist of sweat will permanently stay on your skin.  Beyond that, the summers can feel like they’re lasting forever.

The Best Foods On Earth

If you’re not from Atlanta, you may assume that most of the food here is southern staples like grits, fried chicken, or cornbread; but that’s not all there is.  People in Atlanta speak over 146 different languages and come from all over the world, so it makes sense that the food here reflects that. So whether you’re craving Korean fried chicken or you want a bite of something you’ve never tried before – Atlanta has you covered.

Just Five Hours To A Beach

This is both a pro and a con!  On the one hand, there are no beaches nearby that you can get to within an hour.  Atlanta is pretty inland and that can make it hard to get around and see the sites.  Fortunately, five hours is a lot closer than most cities are to the beach!  If you push it a little further, to almost six hours, you can find yourself in Myrtle Beach!  This hot vacation spot is a welcome change of pace for most people in the city.  You can spend a weekend there enjoying some fun in the sun and then drive back to your life in Atlanta fully rested.

Atlanta, much like any other city, is a place of many good and bad parts.  Although there’s no perfect city out there, this one has enough to offer that it comes close to perfect.

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