How to Choose the Right Nursing Home for an Elder Family Member

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The notion of being admitted to a nursing home is something that most of us don’t want to think about at first. However, not everyone can provide full-time in-home care, and nursing homes or care homes may be the best alternative when someone needs high-quality care 24 hours a day. Giving yourself time to investigate nursing facilities that will best meet the person and family’s long-term care needs will make this decision much easier.

During this period, the idea of a skilled care facility placement can be progressively embraced so that everyone can adjust correctly. Below are tips for choosing the right nursing home for an elder family member.

Staff turnover

Heavy turnover is a clear sign of disgruntled employees, whose dissatisfaction could lead to poor care. Staff retention is high in some of the better nursing homes I’ve dealt with, and you’ll sometimes see generations of family members working there. You want employees who believe they are contributing to something worthwhile. You might also want to know how long the management and administrative staff have been in place. A more stable infrastructure is characterized by greater consistency.


Don’t choose a nursing home based solely on its appearance, courtyards, common areas, or rehabilitation units. Consider whether the rooms appear to be friendly or sterile hospital rooms. Sleep and wake hours, which activities to participate in, what to wear, and what to eat should all be decisions made by your loved one. Inquire if residents are allowed to socialize and dine together at meal times during the pandemic, and if they are allowed to eat alone in their rooms if they choose.


Prior to the pandemic, the top nursing homes allowed visitors at any time. Because of the potential of COVID-19, most nursing homes have tightened visitor policies since then. There are, however, other methods to visit or connect with your loved one, which is critical because isolation is a severe health risk.

Inquire about window visits or scheduling video conversations with the recreation director.

Nursing Home vs Hospice

The key distinction between the two choices is their primary purpose. Hospice tries to make the dying process more comfortable for those who have realized (and whose families have accepted) that death is inevitable. Hospice of Northern Virginia, for example, can help you through the procedure.

A nursing home provides full-time skilled healthcare staff to seniors who require a higher degree of care than their families can provide, with the goal of eventually allowing them to return home.

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