Woodford Files: On the Good and Bad Pandemic Outcomes for Citizens, Pilots, Doctors, and more…

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The fact that these injections were forced on those who wanted to keep their jobs and participate in society was unbelievable

It’s been three months since we released our spring issue, and a lot has happened since then. Notably, the pandemic of the past few years has had many consequences, good and bad. On the bad side, thousands of people died and hundreds of thousands were injured by Covid vaccines administered around the world. And the fact that these injections were forced on those who wanted to keep their jobs and participate in society was unbelievable. (1)

During the National Citizens Inquiry, a citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s Covid-19 response, many Canadians testified over the past few months about their vaccine injuries, loss of livelihoods, family conflicts, depression, suicide and more. These were heartbreaking stories told by those directly affected. (2)

Canadian pilots are members of one group that was adversely affected because they were mandated to get the jab or stop flying. An association of these pilots, called FreetoFly, has now launched a class action lawsuit against the Canadian government. See the report in our Community News section.

On the other hand, a good consequence of the pandemic has been the gradual awakening of the public to the fact that Western medicine is entirely capable of putting big pharma profits ahead of human health. Once people awaken to that reality, they are empowered to take back responsibility for their own health just as our ancestors did.

A prominent member of our health community, Dr. Zoltan Rona, experienced the dark side of Western medical tyranny firsthand during the pandemic when his private practice came under scrutiny by the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO). Much like the harassment that was perpetrated against esteemed environmental physician Dr. Jozef Krop in 1999 who ultimately lost his medical license, so too was Dr. Rona interrogated, investigated, and hounded by the CPSO. In the end, Dr. Rona gave up his medical license too. This month we bring you his story.

Fortunately, both Dr. Krop and Dr. Rona continue to serve the public as health consultants, using nutritional medicine to restore wellness in their clients. So it seems that collectively we must all return to the embrace of nature if we are to survive, and leave the Western medical tyrants to their own devices. This month we bring you lots of great information on foods, supplements, and even flowers for boosting immunity and overcoming illness. In the words of Hippocrates, “If you are not your own doctor you are a fool.”

Ironically, at the same time that people are turning to natural healthcare in droves, our government is throwing up more barriers to the availability of health products which support wellness.
Specifically, Health Canada is preparing to change natural health product (NHP) regulations. It recently proposed new and significant fees to import, manufacture, and sell natural health products along with new labelling laws. “This is unfair, unrealistic, and so costly that it will force many small to medium-sized businesses to shut down Canadian operations,” according to a letter prepared by the Canadian Health Food Association.

This letter is intended to be sent out to all Members of Parliament by their constituents (that’s you) prior to July 26 when the consultation for this program closes.
Vitality wishes to join the CHFA in asking all MPs to “save our supplements, save small businesses, and save my right to access products that support my health and wellbeing…”

If you want to send a copy of the letter to your MP, go to https://www.saveoursupplements.ca/get-involved and download it from there. There is also an action kit for those who wish to go the extra mile.

And if you wish to post comments or questions regarding this column, scroll down to the comments section below.
Julia Woodford, Editor

(1) Dr. William Makis publishes regular reports on those who died suddenly after vaccination: https://makismd.substack.com/
(2) https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/

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