Woodford Files: On GMOs, Heavy Metals, and Autism; plus Recipes for Spring Cleansing, and more

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Greetings! This month we’re delighted to bring you a lovely image on our April cover that nearly dances off the page with the fresh energy and joy of spring. Entitled ‘Creation of Spring’, this painting by U.K. artist Josephine Wall is meant to uplift and inspire you as the season unfolds.

Our lead story this month explores the autism epidemic now emerging in North America. According to Dr. Zoltan Rona, the increase in cases over the past three decades has been “staggering,” with some researchers estimating that one in 45 American children born today has symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Even more shocking is the prediction by MIT research scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff that, at the current rate, by 2025 half of all the children born within the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism. (In a recent presentation, she linked the rise in autism to a widespread increased use of Monsanto’s glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup. She added that exposure to heavy metals, such as aluminum and mercury found in vaccines, is a likely factor as well, especially when combined with glyphosate. A link to her presentation is posted on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/VitalityMagazine/) Meantime, in Canada the autism rate is currently averaging one in 100 children.

Whether the cause of autism is glyphosate contamination of our food supply, heavy metals from vaccines, food allergies and leaky gut syndrome, or a combination of these, Dr. Rona points out that “the common denominator amongst all these potential causes is that they can lead to chronic brain inflammation and nervous system damage.” In his article, Dr. Rona discusses key nutrients that can repair brain damage and alleviate the suffering of autistic people, including vitamin D, oxytocin, cannabis, and bifidobacteria. To that list of nutritional recommendations, I would also add some specific prevention strategies for everyone:

  • Avoid any food that could potentially contain glyphosate, including genetically modified soy, corn, canola, and sugar, as well as meat raised on GMO feed. (To read Dr. Mercola’s feature on the topic visit: https://tinyurl.com/jqaysst)
  • Think twice about vaccinating your kids or yourself; find out whether the vaccine you are considering contains mercury or thimerosal as a preservative (see Helke Ferrie’s feature on page 40).
  • If there are dandelions sprouting up on your lawn, don’t attack them with weed killer. Instead, see them as liver cleansing medicines, and eat them up. (Bitter greens like dandelions are wonderful liver tonics.) Avoid buying weed killing chemicals which are not only toxic to the plants you spray them on, but also to any pets or children who come in contact with them. (On a side note: a new study has found that Monsanto’s glyphosate residues have now been found in 100% of California wines – this report is also posted on our FB page.)

On a happier note, this month we continue with our theme of how to cook healthy, budget-friendly, vegetarian meals. In her “Ode to the Navy Bean,” London writer Nancy Loucks-McSloy shares folklore stories about this humble pulse, along with favourite recipes for preparing it. Having just devoured a pot of Nancy’s ‘Favourite Baked Beans’, I can vouch for the ease and yumminess of this dish, which is high praise from someone who is not exactly a gourmet cook.

And of interest to those who like to do an annual cleanse in the springtime, we bring you a story on “Liquid Nutrition” by Uxbridge writer Naty Howard. Her approach to detoxing and anti-aging uses the enzymes and high octane nutrition found in juices, smoothies, and elixirs. As founder of the Realign Ranch, Naty has created many great recipes for this refreshing approach to nourishment, and readers can start sampling these tastes and textures right at home with the recipes she provides. As an added bonus, she integrates the ‘six tastes’ of Ayurveda into her concoctions, as a way of creating balance between a person’s inner terrain and outer environment.

Happy detoxing!
Julia Woodford, Editor

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