WOODFORD FILES: On Aluminum & Alzheimer’s; Herbs for Parasites; How Enzymes Reduce Stroke Risk

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Hello Vitality readers, welcome to our first ever August/September combo issue. It’s a good one! In it, Helke Ferrie brings us an updated feature on heavy metals, explaining why to get them out of our tissues quickly, and how to do it. Recent reports in University Health News (Jan. 2018)[1] confirming that aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, and in The Lancet (March, 2018)[2] stating that lead has been linked to 256,000 premature deaths from cardiovascular disease, are just two examples of research showing that heavy metals are here and they’re lethal.

With the metals that we’re exposed to from car exhaust, factory emissions, food, and cosmetics now at an all-time high, the insights in Helke’s feature couldn’t come at a better time. One key strategy she recommends is excretion of heavy metals through sweating. With temperatures approaching the mid-30s over the past several weeks, there was no shortage of sweating going on at my house. But that is not enough. What we learn from this article is that those with serious illness require deeper detoxing as part of their recovery, which can involve consistent sweating accompanied by lots of water and minerals to replace what’s being lost through the skin. The safest way to induce sweating without risk of overheating is through infrared sauna therapy. To provide an expert explanation of this process, we have posted a video entitled: How Sauna Therapy Eliminates Toxins and Prevents Disease by Rodney Palmer at: https://blog.wholelifecanada.com/ As well, we’ve added extra information about hair analysis and recommended minerals to the extended version of Helke’s article posted on our website.

Also in this issue, we offer a creepy feature by herbalist Rick DeSylva about the parasites lurking in our food and environment, ready to pounce. I think the creepiest one is the pig tapeworm that measures 15 feet long. (If ever there was an argument for a plant-based diet, this is it.) Thankfully, Rick has an arsenal of herbal allies to help vanquish the invaders, which will come as welcome news to the meat eaters among us.

And those wanting to reduce their risk of stroke and heart attack will be interested to read Dr. Rona’s indepth feature on Top Therapeutic Enzymes in this issue. These particular enzymes have the ability to dissolve protein particles, blood clots, and other detritus floating around in the bloodstream. As such, they work to reduce inflammation in cells, tissues, and joints, clearing out the gunk and helping our internal rivers flow freely. Of the top three enzymes that Dr. Rona recommends, only serrapeptase is available in Canadian health food stores. (I have already started taking it in the morning to clear up my congested urban lungs.) Unfortunately, the other two enzymes are not available here, and can only be ordered online from the U.S. Although we always prefer to support our local Canadian health food industry, we have provided links in the article for those who wish to order online.

Happy autumn equinox, Julia Woodford

[1] https://tinyurl.com/aluminumandalzheimers

[2] https://tinyurl.com/leadandheartdisease


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