Why Use Natural Dishwashing Liquid?

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Why Use Natural Dishwashing LiquidMost dishwashing liquids contain synthetic detergents and artificial fragrances. About 95% of the chemicals used in traditional fragrances are synthetics which can lead to headaches, wheezing, and skin irritation. They may even contain Quarternium 12, an eye and skin irritant that can release carcinogenic (cancer causing) formaldehyde. Many dyes used are known to be carcinogenic and can both penetrate the skin and be left behind on your dishes.

A new product on the market Nature Clean® Dish Liquid, breaks through grease and grime without the use of harsh or irritating chemicals. It’s biodegradable and made of 98.5% natural ingredients that derive from plants and minerals. The Lavender and Mandarin and Grapefruit dish soaps are formulated with essential oils, not synthetic fragrances or chemicals. These oils have both antiseptic and aroma-therapeutic properties. Clean and calm, the perfect combination!

For skin sensitivities like eczema or allergies, opt for Nature Clean Dish Liquid in Unscented. It’s been dermatologist tested and approved hypoallergenic.

Nature Clean Dish Liquid in Lavender and Tea Tree captures the calming essence of lavender essential oils and the antiseptic properties of tea tree.

Available at health food stores and grocery retailers, or to find a store in your area, go to www.naturecleanliving.com or call 905-940-1107.

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