Ultrasound Device Aims to Improve Early Detection of Breast Cancer

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Automated Breast Ultra-sound (ABUS) has arrived in Canada, and is already accepted by both mainstream medical and holistic communities.  Comfortable and thorough, ABUS is the latest technological breakthrough to hit the market in the fight against breast cancer. With superior image quality and depth of analysis, ABUS provides an unprecedented level of diagnostic confidence, ensures early detection, and promotes patient peace of mind. Not only is ABUS screening pain-free, radiation-free and non-invasive, it delivers a high-resolution 3D image of the whole breast, where ultrasound previously showed only  parts of the breast.

ABUS is not a mammogram, and does not involve a painful compression of the breast. Women are typically thrilled to learn that ABUS involves no discomfort. It is increasingly the test of choice for women with breast implants or post-operative or scar tissue, as well as those who avoid mammography screening due to anxiety.

ABUS is also safe for young, pregnant, or lactating women. And it is safe for men, who comprise 1% of all breast cancer cases. Even women who do not have dense breasts will benefit from ABUS. As gentle as a pregnancy ultrasound, ABUS can be used safely and as often as required by virtually anyone, including those who are averse to receiving a radiation dose from a mammogram.

ABUS also improves early detection for women with dense breasts by up to 95%. A growing body of research suggests a strong link between breast density and increased cancer risk. Women with dense breasts are up to six times more likely to contract cancer, according to one study (Boyd et al., New England Journal of Medicine, 2007; 356:227-36M). Since both dense breast tissue and cancer appear white on a mammogram, it can be difficult for doctors to distinguish them – like trying to find a cloud in a cloud-filled sky. About 40% of North American women have dense breasts. Most women know that early detection leads to better outcomes and chances of survival. ABUS can significantly increase the detection rate of breast cancer for women with dense breasts.

Reduce False Positives

Yet another advantage with ABUS is that it can reduce costly and scary false positive outcomes. False positives occur when the results of a mammogram suggest cancer is present even when there is none. This can result in unnecessary and painful invasive testing, such as biopsy, not to mention emotional distress. ABUS is a safe, non-invasive screening option that can help determine whether a lesion is present without further testing. ABUS provides a full-field breast scan that minimizes human error, which is a common problem with conventional ultrasound.

ABUS has the ability to capture precise anatomical detail of complex breast tissues and structures. In one sweep, the machine is able to take up to 600 images of breast tissue, capturing a new image approximately every two millimetres. ABUS is available at VIP Breast Imaging at 525 University Ave. in Toronto.

To learn more about the health risks associated with dense breasts, visit https://www.areyoudense.org. To contact and book with VIP Breast Imaging, call the company toll-free at 1-855-845-2878. Or visit them online at https://www.vipbreastimaging.com.

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