IN MEMORIAM: Dr. Sharon L. Kopinak March 7, 1943 – July 6, 2019

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On Saturday, July 6, 2019, Dr. Sharon Lynne Kopinak, DVM, passed away peacefully at her son’s home, surrounded by her family. She was an exceptional mother to Michael and his wife Lisa, proud “Jamma” of Mattheus and Josephine, beloved sister of Barbara and her husband Jonathan Harrison. She will be fondly remembered by her nieces and their husbands, Cheri-Lyn and John, Shiloh and Andrew, her great-nephew Loudon, Lisa’s mom Jean, and her special friends.

The family received their friends at the Egan Funeral Home, in Bolton, for a memorial reception on July 13 with words of remembrance and toast to celebration of life.


“I first met veterinarian Dr. Sharon Kopinak in 1997, when I took my two little boy cats to her farm clinic. She was unconventional in every sense of the word – what an interesting learning experience! In a comfortable sitting room, Sharon checked over the boys while they were sitting on her lap, on the couch. Far from being stressed, they liked it!

Sharon graduated from the University of Guelph in 1966 and dedicated her personal and professional life to the wellness and welfare of animals. She wanted more for them, so she explored and applied natural modalities in her healing work such as herbs, homeopathy, and others. Sharon drew upon her huge repertoire of learned and innate knowledge to customize her treatment for animal patients on many levels. Her healing added years of good quality life for thousands of animals and earned love and gratitude from their people.

Dedicated, knowledgeable, intuitive, and passionate, Sharon demonstrated uncommon skills and insights. She would many times accommodate patients at any hour if they needed her help. And she educated pet parents on wellness, fundamentally changing the way they saw their animal friends.

Sharon was an independent and courageous pioneer in her field and an inspiration to others. She was truly one of a kind, and she will be missed.” Sue Becker, Animal Communicator,


“Deepest sympathy to Sharon’s family. She has crossed the rainbow bridge to be greeted by countless happy souls… I’ve no doubt. I will miss her tremendously. She was one in a million. Legendary in her approach, care, compasion + results.” Carol Little, Herbalist


“She was a wonderful woman who helped so many animals when others would have given up.” Hillary Howe


“The first time I ever went to Dr. Kopinak’s clinic with my sick pet, I was amazed at the number of people and animals scattered all over the big old farmhouse. Some animals were relaxing inside round contraptions (which I later discovered were Tesla coils), and others were lolling on the many couches provided. It was total chaos and total fun. Dr. Kopinak’s advice to feed my dog more raw foods and vegetables, and less canned food, was excellent. And her suggestion to put borax in my dog’s infected ear did give him some relief from the itching. Also, the addition of vitamin C to the diet was brilliant.

I even bumped into the infamous herbalist, Rick DeSylva, at her office. He was bringing in a shipment of andrographis and other specially prepared herbs for Sharon’s pet patients.

She was a rare breed, and her death is a great loss to the community.” Julia Woodford


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  1. W
    August 08, 14:28 Willow Lane Natural Foods in Acton

    Many times I would get a phonecall from Dr. Sharon asking whether I had a certain herb or supplement because she was sending someone. I would gladly wait even if it meant staying a bit after closing because I knew she was helping an animal. People came from all over and because of Dr. Sharon’s care for their beloved pet they didn’t mind the long drive, long appointment or wait . I felt fortunate to know Dr. Sharon so I could in turn help people when they did not know where to turn. She will be missed!

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  2. K
    August 08, 17:13 Kathy

    I was so sad to read that Dr. Kopinak has died. She was the most wonderful, intuitive Veterinarian ever. She saved my little Shih Tsu, Maxie. When Maxie was a puppy, she became listless, chewed at her feet, and the Vet we were seeing wanted to put her on a steroid. I was not about to do that to my puppy, and shortly after found Dr. Kopinak. She sat on the floor with Maxie in her living room, and after talking to her and observing her, she said “No wonder she’s listless. She doesn’t feel good. It’s her food”. After removing her from all kibble (she was on a very expensive brand), and giving her human food, meat rice and vegetables, within a week, she was bouncy and happy. Her absence will be a great loss.
    Kathy Kossow

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  3. L
    August 15, 14:51 Louise

    I found Sharon twenty years ago after Guelph told me there was nothing that could be done for my Kerry Blue, Bonnie. She was the vet of last resource for many animals whom the veterinary community deemed hopeless.

    Sharon had a special gift of communicating with animals. Despite her efforts, Bonnie passed two months after our first meeting. When Sharon told Bonnie she was going to die, Bonnie literally cried like a baby. Sharon turned to me and said Bonnie didn’t want to go but she understood it was inevitable. Sharon really cared about all her patients. Such a wonderful vet, such a wonderful friend.

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  4. J
    August 16, 00:16 Julia Woodford

    Editor’s note regarding holistic veterinary services:
    For those who continue to seek holistic healthcare for their pets, I would recommend Northeast Newmarket Veterinary Services, tel: (905) 830-1030, email: or visit

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  5. K
    August 26, 18:12 Kendell

    Thank you, Julia.

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  6. A
    September 26, 14:55 Adrienne

    Sharon played a big roll in my young life through her relationship with my father. In my teens she played a step mother roll and I found her so cool and so passionate as a vet. I would go on calls with her, help her with small surgeries and she inspired me to want to be a vet too. Unfortunately I didn’t have the science brain or didn’t think I did. We lost touch later on after the relationship with my father ended but my early memories of her, more than 30 years ago have stuck with me always. I can see how she’ll be sorely missed by all who knew her. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

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  7. B
    March 29, 23:55 Barbara Janelle

    Sharron was the most remarkable and best holistic veterinarian in Ontario. She spent her working life exploring a wide range of ways of supporting the health of animals. She believed that feeding good quality, home prepared food was the basic key to good health and long life. Sharron was very clear and very direct in working with people. It was an honor to know her.

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  8. W
    December 21, 15:27 Wendy Agnew

    Sharon, It’s been a long time, but I find myself thinking of you so much lately. You were there to save my 40 year old Bill (the horse) by talking to him. You supported all our dogs, changed their diets, and gave them so many more years of life. You are one in a million. You alway spoke of our animals ‘passing over’ when their time had come. I hope you have passed over with peace and are on the other side with all those you have helped. With enormous gratitude and love, Wendy

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  9. S
    January 17, 20:14 Samantha Bonilla

    I am just now learning of Sharon’s passing.
    I met her when I was working at a traditional vet clinic and I was told that nothing could be done to help my great Dane who was diagnosed with wobbler‘s. I refused to accept that and I delved into research and was recommended to go see Dr. Sharon Kopinak.
    I arrived at her rural farmhouse and was placed in a waiting room with other clients and their pets. Everyone was sharing stories about how Sharon had helped their pets when no one else could. That day Sharon schooled me on the benefits of feeding a fresh whole foods diets and sent me home with many herbal remedies.
    In under two weeks, my Great Dane went from not being able to take a few steps, to being able to go on short walks.
    Sharon literally saved my dogs life. Where traditional that’s suggested euthanasia Sharon was able to find an alternative Wellmess approach .
    Sharpn inspired me to become an animal practitioner. i have now been working as a pet groomer and holisitc remedies/canine nutrition consultant for almost 16 years. She was a true pioneer in her field and she will be greatly missed.

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  10. R
    July 13, 13:47 Ruth Isard

    We first found out about Sharon after our rough collie, Paisley was diagnosed with bladder cancer and given 6-8 weeks. Sharon gave her 2 more years of good health through her homeopathic methods and education. We drove from London every week for her Rife treatments and thoroughly enjoyed the healing atmosphere of those sessions plus Sharon’s education on what pets need to eat! Subsequent pets in our family benefited from Sharon’s diagnosis when health problems arose. The energy in her home was a healing and peaceful experience. I will never forget Sharon. She had incredible knowledge on all aspects homeopathic and was gifted in communicating with animals and what they needed in order to live a healthy life. As health problems arise occasionally with subsequent pets, I find myself saying “I wish you were here Sharon” but I find myself able to ask her for direction on a problem and she comes through for me on what to do in my particular situation at the time. I am grateful for her telepathy but still wish she were here! She was one of a kind and unfortunately her immense knowledge and gift went with her. On our visits we were also grateful for her friend and herbalist, Elizabeth. What an incredible experience! What an incredible healer of animals.

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  11. C
    November 14, 19:29 Carrol

    Sorry to hear of Dr.Kopinak’s passing. She extended my Cairn Terrier Bobby’s life with good advice on food and homeopathic tinctures. Thank you for all your work; such an amazing legacy!!

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  12. Jennifer
    January 23, 21:11 Jennifer

    I am so sorry to learn of Sharon’s passing. She was a one-of-a-kind woman, and a huge influence on me and how I raise every animal I have had since knowing her.

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